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Monday, 22 August 2011

I'm Learning in September!

Yippee!!  I am skipping around my sewing room, flapping my arms and giggling!  A truly amazing fibre/embroidery artist whose work I admire so much is offering online classes & mentoring.  Her spaces are limited and I AM SO IN!  I've talked about her before as her blog photos have actually made me cry!  lol  It's all white on white stitching.  Her name is Karen Ruane.  She's in the U.K. and here is the link to her blog:

This is really terrific timing for me.  I'm joining up with the embroiderer's guild here for the first time, and I really want to delve into more hand work.  I like Karen's approach because it comes from the heart and doesn't involve a pattern.  It's very organic and incredibly pretty.  Here are some of her blog photos, used with permission.

stitches and paper by Karen Ruane

so organic!  work by Karen Ruane

if this doesn't bring tears to your eyes...

Her work just gets to me!  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  Fortunately, I can work around the hand surgery (or who knows... postpone it?) for my left hand.  Maybe I'll even push that way back to December once my next show goes in the gallery.  Then I WON'T be stitching over the holidays when my children are home. Hmmm - it all works doesn't it!?

Her work is also on flickr if you'd like to go see.  All her links are on her page.  If you are also interested in her 6 week class (online, videos & correspondence support) it only translates to 80 or 85 dollars (US/CAD).  I'm in!

see you later!


Linda Coleman said...

best wishes for your course. You sound so excited about it.

Ellie said...

Your course sounds very exciting. Had a look at Karen's blog, her work is lovely. Enjoy!!!

karen said...

thanks Monika....definitely no crying allowed in class though!!

Becky said...

Very cool! So glad you get to learn and do something you love!!

Brenda T said...

See you in class :)

jackie said...

I hope you really enjoy the course - the excitement in anticipation is something in itself. Thanks for finding my blog.

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