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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Snapshots #51

Next weekend will mark ONE YEAR of Sunday Snapshots for me!  Wow.  I hope I can pull off something big.  For now, here's more summer photos.  Enjoy!

my wheels

...complete with splash guards so I can drive through puddles,
a big basket so I can bring home books or milk,
and decorated with stickers and clickers, so I feel cool like my kids  : )

my basket.  my basket liner.  my umbrella.  my wheels : )

a 'glam shot' of my work.

my stitches

I think this piece has a name now!  Bloom.  That's all.  It's perfect.
Happy Sunday!



Pieces of Sunshine said...

Love looking at your work Monika.

Ellie said...

Your bike looks like fun. Can just picture you cycling through puddles. Lol.
Love the pictures of your work. Great stuff!!

Linda Coleman said...

Hi Monika, these bikes were a must around the countryside here in Ireland in the fifties and sixties. They were given the nickname "High Nellies" and reproductions of them are now selling here like hotcakes.

karen said...

the embroidery is wonderful, so many textures....

Sheila said...

Great photos and I love that recent work , the extra stitching of flowers really makes it ,not surprised it is already sold , great job!!

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