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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Teaching in September

Bernie and I have set the date for the next Creative Quilted Postcard Workshop!!  She hosts, I teach.  It will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, September 18th.  It will be out at her farmhouse again, which is only a matter of minutes outside of the city.  If you are interested simply email me.  I personally can't wait to see her place again.  Rumor has it that it's all painted on the outside now.  !!

my first ever postcard.  Super easy to make, fun to give & receive!

Sew & Home called me to inquire about teaching there again, but I sadly said no.  I'll finish up with the list of people Bernie has, and then I need to wait for spring.  I have to book myself in to get the carpal tunnel surgery done, and that will eat 6 weeks of my autumn apparently.  I'm getting it done before winter sets in.  For some reason, it's always worse through the winter.  Anyone have anything to say on the topic?  I'm nervous, but thrilled that maybe I will crochet lace again some day!!  Crocheting is how this carpel tunnel all started.

the last thing I crocheted... trim for a pillow that never got completed

There's also a whole host of classes at Judy M's Studio on Ninth in Saskatoon!  Wow.  It is a huge list, and very affordable.  I would love to do more workshops (anywhere), but definitely not until the spring.  You can find me doing tutorials on thread sketching at 3CS online very soon!  Locally, Sew & Home and the Sewing Machine store also run plenty of classes. 

With September about to begin, sign up everywhere is NOW.  ; )

threads for Grandma's Cabin, 2010

: )
see you tomorrow.


Linda Coleman said...

Hi Monika
Hope you get your surgery done and you will be back to 100% plus. Would love to go to the workshop you will be running in Bernie's but it's a bit of a trek across the Atlantic to get there.
Best Wishes

Ellie said...

Hi Monika, sorry you are having to go through surgery for carpal tunnel. I have suffered from that too - never had surgery though. I first got it 22 years ago when pregnant with my first daughter. Had it ever since. I also did massage and reflexology and that nearly ended me. Lol. So after 6 years of that had to give it up. It's much better now that I no longer do it. It's an awful thing.
I wish I lived near you to take part in your classes they look and sound great.

Regina said...

Concerning Carpal Tunnel Syndrom: I got rid of mine with vitamin B, and I was on the list to get operated and couldn't even pick up my kids toys on the floor. I am completely painfree trwenty years after my diagnoses.
The only reasonable explanation for it's prevalence that I found is that the chemical junk in our food and medications (colour, artificial taste, preservativs and stuff used in the processing of foods) destroys the sheathing of our nerves. Best of luck to you.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Awe thanks all of you. Mine started wit my first child too - all that back-patting! : ) My naturopath said I needed B, and I went on that. It went away. Came back years later, and i chased it away with B again. I've been taking bromelain the last 2 years (comes from pineapple). When I run out, I'm surprised how painful my hands are! I'll try some B6 again and see how the next month goes.

thanks Regina!

elle said...

crochet lace? whatta girl! I've heard the vitamins work.

Jeane said...

Hope you get your carpel tunnel resolved. It is such a painful thing. JMO, I wouldn't get the surgery until absolutely everything else failed, it is not always successful in curing all the issues. I love your summer pictures. I think the Prairies are truly so beautiful with wild flowers.

Regina said...

Never take just one of the B-vitamins (as in B-6) as you risk a deficit in the others of that group, which can cause serious trouble. Get a vitamin B complex (50 is plenty) and take one at a time, several times a day as it is fast eliminated from the body. Good luck, and keep up your beautiful work.

lej619 said...

I love your first postcard!! How did you do it,may I ask????? I also have painful hands and will take the advice here and try B complex. sure can't hurt.(no pun intended)

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