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Friday, 19 August 2011

Fabulous Friday Finish!

It's done!  It's done!  I did it!  I did it!  I'm just auditioning frame and matting choices.  I think we are going with this one: coffee wood and sage matting.  It's just sitting on top of an existing picture right now.  I'll head out soon to go get another for this piece.

"This Piece" is all I've come up with for a name.  I don't know why this is so difficult to name!  I took it on Canada Day.  It has all the colors of the rainbow.  Any suggestions!?  You all helped me out with naming Boundless, which was perfect.  I could use your help again.  It's sold and I need to name it before I put it under glass.  Here's the original.

July in bloom, set on high contrast to bring out the colors

I really love the purples in there sooo much, that I began to embellish anoother unclaimed one that I began.  There's something about the light, bright green in the distance, and the blue hills that feel so magical to me. It was inspired by this postcard, for the My Happy Place swap.

just popped into the mailbox! 4x6" with a stamp on the back

So I happily combined my favorite parts and spent much time stitching purple and lavender and cornflower blue yesterday morning.  Let me tell you I loved every second of it!  I used fine rayons that are so full of sheen.

a new one - purple on the prairie

I love the feel of this one.  I will put heavier masses of purple into it plus some stems.  (Eventually.)  Here's a close up of the free motion machine & hand stitches.

Thanks for dropping by!



Ellie said...

Well done on finishing your piece. I love it, the colours of the flowers are wonderful. I'm hopeless at naming things - I have a hard enough job giving my blog titles. Lol.

Vicki W said...

They are all beautiful!

Linda-Sue "Woman Waiting in the Seams" said...

Stunning detail. Title suggestion: Prairie Primaries - you said it yourself, all the colors of the rainbow. Pure prairie primaries. Whenever I finish a piece, I sit it by my bed at night where it is the last/first thing I see when I close/open my eyes.

Letterpress said...

I like what you said: "July in Bloom."

July Blooms? Nah. Naming things is so hard, and I struggle, too. I tend to head to quotation books to help my process along: http://occasionalpiece.wordpress.com/tag/love-dances-on-the-green/ I describe a little about it there.

Good luck--I so enjoy seeing your pieces. And good luck with the carpal tunnel surgery as well (I know it's coming up in the fall).

Elizabeth E.

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