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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Things I Love Thursdays

I love my family.  I love each person individually, and I love the five of us as a group.

I love my husband.  And he loves his parrot.  It's a guy thing.  Aaaarg matey!

I love my bookworm and artist.  He is my future author and a great ballet dancer.

I love this monkey.  He's my future gymnist / competitive swimmer / race car driver.

I love my girl.  Though she's tough as nails, she's so outgoing that she will be anything she wants to be.

I made a pact to keep my family life out of my blog, but today I am reflecting on how much I will MISS THEM as all three of them go off to school for the first time ever.  I'm especially sad about breaking them up.  They have such strong relationship together.  I hope it always lasts.  I love you kids!!



Ellie said...

That is so nice - you have a lovely family. Love the first picture with all the hands - that little hand looks so cute! I'm sure your children will get on fine at school. My youngest daughter has just gone back to school today to start her last year at school. Time goes by far to quickly.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!
Beautiful family.
They aren't breaking up, just branching out. You're the glue that holds them together :) Great job Mom!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Awwww.. so sweet!

Rachel's Quilts said...

Know how you feel. This fall will be the first time both my kids are in school, all day. I'm going to miss them and am wondering what I am going to do with myself.

Margaret said...

Lovely family! May their school days be blessed. :-)

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