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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wip Wednesday #1 @ TNTN

What have I been working on?  Gee.  What can I say?  A tan...  my backstroke...  It's has been the nicest summer weather on record here.  My gosh.   I've been out a lot with my kids and not sewing too much.  I've been thinking: reflecting and deciding and organizing and planning.  I have made a link up blog for fibre artists with an emphasis on Canadian bloggers.  Come see!  Come follow!  Come post!

Click here to go there

I have been busy dreaming up that link party, and thank everyone who has dropped by & joined.  I am really looking forward to watching this group grow!  Other than that, I have been ever-so-slowly working on these two pieces.

I'm  finally stitching the blanket flowers!

This first is this one, based on my photo beside it.  I got most of the blanket flowers done.  I will add a few bigger ones, then stems in rust colors, and a few highlights into the hills & purple flowers.  Want to see closer?  I used a number of threads at once to get a color I was happy with it.

I made them look a little wonky like they actually were:  loose petals in all directions.  Very free.  The other is the Flax at Jackfish.  It is really slow going, but guess what!?  It's sold now too!  Whoopee!

slow slow stitches, spoken for.  (thank you!)

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure to hop around to other contributors at The Needle & Thread Network and leave them some comments.  See you tomorrow!



Ellie said...

It sounds like you are a great summer.

elle said...

Delicious work, Monika!

Becky said...

Wow! You're crankin'! Gorgeous! I'm not THAT far from you, and I was just thinking today that this has pretty much been the nicest summer weather I can EVER remember! So so so nice here too!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh gosh, I could look at these two all day. There is so much detail and color to take in. I am still so amazed at all that you can accomplish with just thread (well, and fabric... you know what I mean). And you sold the flax? Whhohooooo!!!

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