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Friday, 12 August 2011

I Was Blue Over Flax

Earlier this summer, I put out a request on the My Sweet Prairie facebook page for people to notify me if they are on the road and sight a flax field in bloom within reasonable driving distance from my city.  Because I work from my own photos, I want to get some on my camera.  My friend Carol-Lynne did just that!  (Thank you!)  She posted easy directions to 2 fields within an hour from here.  So a couple days later I packed up my kids and we went on a road trip.  We drove and drove and (boo hoo) we never did find that flax.  My mother was kind enough to send this photo taken near her cabin by her friend Howard.

thank you mom & thank you Howard!

It has Jackfish Lake just past the trees.  I wasn't sure I would use this because it's all one color, but look at what I have done so far!  (Deb and Becky - I won't even begin to count the French Knots this time!)

Flax at Jackfish, work in progress

Still, I'm a little disheartened that I couldn't spot that field that Carol-Lynne told me about.  And then I saw it!  Want to see!?  These are my photos.  I took them this week.

Flax in Bloom!

It's not just any 'Flax in Bloom'.  It's MY flax.  This is growing in my front yard at the bottom of the newly planted apple tree!  I was careful not to mow the plants down when I did the lawn.  After I watered the tree (in my pajamas), I returned back out front (still in my pajamas) to snap, snap, snap away with my camera.  Yes, I smiled and waved at the neighbors as they drove to work.

Look at the blue blue pollen!  click the photo for a closer look

going to seed - one Flax flower left here

Let me tell you I am just too happy about this!  I took nearly fifty photos.  Maybe some day I'll stitch macro florals.  I'm not really drawn to that right now, but it was terrific to really study this plant up close.  Linen fabric is made from flax.  Did you know that?  The flowers bloom only at a particular time of day so they are easy to miss.  The plants grow quite tall and straight so when a breeze comes they move easily in waves that resemble water.  When I lived in Calgary I saw a home where the entire front yard was flax instead of grass.  I'll never forget it.  It was the loveliest thing ever!  Can you imagine?   How tempting.  For now, I'll reseed these in the back yard I think.

See you tomorrow!

...who is tickled pink : )


Ellie said...

That is such a pretty flower. You have some lovely pictures of it. :)

Rachel Hauser said...

Holy, moley. Your work is so breathtaking and incredibly intense. I'm so honored that someone like you actually follows my humble blog.

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