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Monday, 4 April 2011

How Did They Talk Me Into This One ! ?

Did I ever tell you about our guild?  The Saskatoon Quilters' Guild meets four times a month through the school year: two Monday afternoons, and two Monday evenings.  I would guess myself to be the third or fourth youngest out of nearly 200+ women.  It's a BIG guild.  There are traditional hand quilters, machine quilters, modern quilters, landscape quilters, long arm quilters, art quilters, quilting teachers... a very eclectic bunch.  Many are also members of the national quilt guild and/or the provincial craft council.  They are highly organized, doing retreats, regular local exhibits through the year, as well has donating (correct me if I'm wrong) in the neighborhood of 400 quilts to charity annually.  But what really blows me away is the skill level.  One giant quilt show 4 years ago did me in.

the big biennial show sign

So how did they talk me into this one??  Brenda asked, and I said yes.  G U L P.

Next Monday, April 11th, I will be the guest speaker for the Afternoon Program.  It will be a "getting to know me" type of talk & trunk show.  You may think I'm really sociable and outgoing, but I am sooo nervous.  They've reassured me several times, "we don't bite!".  I'm still nervous about everyone looking at me, and about speaking into a microphone.  There's also the fact that everytime I practice, there is a sudden crisis in my home like, "mom!  I pooped!  Wipe my bum!" or "Mama!  She punched me the eye!", etc.  So at this moment, I have a great first ten minutes for my presentation, but not much more.  As for the nerves, I've only ever spoken to large groups of children.  So I've decided perhaps the trick will be to picture them all as preschoolers.  It just might work, though I doubt they'll be stampeding my quilts like this!  lol

If you are in the afternoon guild, please say hi!  : )



Scrappy quilter said...

Wish I was there, I'd definitely come hear you. You'll do well. Hugs

ferne said...

I too am usually shy, but spoke to my kids whole school when they were in elementary school on several occasions. Now I am teaching gardening classes at the nursery where I work. If it makes you feel any better the kids made me more nervous. You'll be great because you have a topic that you know and love and you have so much to share.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Good luck with this; I am sure you will do great...I can't even get up and read or speak in front of people I've known all my life. I get anxiety that builds up; and I feel like passing out.....not a good feeling....but try to enjoy this...it's a great opportunity with your work...

Becky said...

Congrats! You'll do fine! They love quilting just as much as you do, and you know what a great group of people quilters are! Funny how we are though. I'd rather get up in front of a big group of people than make "cold calls" to people I have never met (something I've been doing as requested at my latest volunteer work... ugh!). But I guess in the end, it's a new skill that we learn, and that usually only happens when we stray outside of our comfort zone :).

Grandma Coco said...

Good luck! If you can handle kids, you can handle quilters. We're all just kids at heart! :)

Anonymous said...

You will do just fine! Looking foreward to it.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

you will do just fine! you are a good teacher, I know, I have been in your class :)
Do they allow guests?? If you want a friendly face in the audience I would be happy to come! I could make funny faces at you !

Bee said...

I wish I could be there to hear you speak! You will do fine! I have always been very shy and did terrible in Speech Class in school....but I can get up teach quilting to a roomful of adults. When you are talking about something you love you will relax and forget all about the microphone and the people looking at you. Besides, I'm sure that quilters don't bite! : )

Margaret said...

No to worry, Monika; you'll do fine. Make notes of your highlights, line up the pieces for your show...and once it begins, you'll find it rolls along. You know your stuff; think of this as just another type of "blog" post! :-)

Bernie said...

Margaret has it right - work your talk around your pieces. Go with what you know - your passion will shine thru and you won't have any problems. And hey if you want to push your next show I could send you a poster to print off.
PS Wish I could be there but that darn working for a living gets in the way!

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