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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Snapshots #31

Look!  It's still there in the tree!  

one of my many mismatched coffee mugs in my studio

152 triangles on the design wall (side sample)

There are 3 animals in this next photo.  
Can you spot them?

enjoy Sunday


Sharon said...

I see a bird, a giraffe, and a pet rock. :)

Sorry I haven't commented lately, Blogger has been giving me trouble, but I've still been following along. Thought I'd took my random opportunity to say hello. Hope your world is starting to warm up and melt.

My Sweet Prairie said...

: ) you got 2! : )

Scrappy quilter said...

I can see two... Are you getting all this snow we are getting. It's ridiculous however oh so pretty outside. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Does the bird count? I see a giraffe and a green creature with big eyes?

Patti said...

I can see a bird, a giraffe and a butterfly....

My Sweet Prairie said...

Haha - my mistake! There are seven creatures!

- tall wooden giraffe
- smooth wood carved goose with head down
- ceramic owl
- black plastic spider!
- little sparkly pink butterfly
- blue dyed coffee filter butterfly
- red hanging wood cardinal

lol. Really - I had no idea!

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