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Saturday, 16 April 2011


What a great week.  I mean really.  What a great week.  I thought I would show you two pieces I finished up just in time to show to the guild at Monday's presentation.  One is the canola fields again.  These are "glam shots", so I hope you find them interesting.

That one has a lot more french knots in it, and I think I did a great job making them larger in the foreground and teenee in the distance.  They are really tiny.  I love stitching these so much.  I would love to do a flax field this summer.  mmmmm...  ; )

Here is a close up of the sky in this piece.

click on photo to enlarge

I am so happy with how this one turned out.   It's framed, and off to to the new owner this week.  I kept it a little longer so that I could show Darlene on Wednesday's interview for the newspaper.

I also reworked The Oat Field into a teeny 3x3" piece.  It's really pretty, and still so full of detail.  It's a gift that have dropped off for someone very special.  It was a little secret I had been keeping.  I hope it makes her day every time she looks at it.  She sure made mine.

If I tip it to reflect the light this way, then the lighter oat heads shine.  Excuse the glare from the glass.  ;(  It's gone now and I don't have the greatest photo of it to show you. 

Now to the other commissions.  Mandy!  Jesica!  And K - here we go!  : )  I worked on Mandy's tree and am so pleased with the bark.  The particular color of the tree now really works great with all the rainbow colors in the whole wallhanging.  And I love the roughness of the bark.  I was about to throw in the towel on this one when suddenly it came alive!  (Isn't that how it always works?)  So, aside from some stray threads to be clipped, the bark of the tree is done.

It's perfect.  The tree just took over.  : )

All the best


Christie, Describe Happy said...

I enjoyed seeing your completions!! Everything is so detailed and fun to look at... and that bark, you are right about it coming alive! Stunning!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I love your stitching of the sky. I have trouble with doing skies!
These are all great, and the tree is looking so much better with all that bark detail. Cant wait to see it finished!

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