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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Snapshots #33

This week I saw beautiful things at the Saskatoon Craft Guild's 70 Annual Display and Tea.  Check it out!


beautiful knitted mittens!

Petit point & cross stitch in action,  Look at that pattern sheet!!

Hardanger.  Something I REALLY want to learn.

My last photo is of a LOVELY spring day, right around supper time after a rain.  : )  
Love the smell of the air at times like these!!

p.s.  Please leave a comment if you haven't before.  Simply go down to the bottom of this entry and you'll see the comment note.  Some people at guild mentioned they weren't sure how to post a comment.  Give it a try!  I made it easier and I would love to hear from you! ; )

Happy Sunday!


Molly said...

don't we have some wonderfully talented people in our community? and i do hope you count yourself amongst them...

Anita said...

I really need to learn hardanger as well. AND tatting!

SO many fiber arts, so little time!

Anonymous said...

first time comment we'll see if is easy....love the picture. Deb

Debbie said...

Oh man it is so easy......I am going to be commenting on nothing just to comment......thank you thank you thank you Mooooonica..Deb

Textile Tragic said...

Hi Monika, I'm new to your blog via a google search for rosehips which landed me on your flicker page. Am loving your work, observations and photography. Thanks

Margaret said...

I have that tablecoth (crochet). In taupe. Done by my maternal grandmother. It's one of my Best Things. Lovely to know someone still does that sort of work!

Grandma Coco said...

Hardanger looks wonderful. Love the mittens. I agree with Anita. Too many choices. Not enough lifetimes.

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