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Monday, 21 February 2011

Winter Lights

Yes.  It is still winter.  It's minus 30 all weekend.  Today is Family Day - and a holiday here.  My oldest has the week off for winter break.  My vehicle is stranded for days, but fortunately, everyone is healthy and the house is full of sunshine.  We have many large south facing windows, and I feel like I'm on vacation.  I remember the first winter we moved into this house.  We were so warm in the kitchen & family room from all the sunshine that we put on shorts and tshirts, spread out beach towels... and just layed there in the sun sipping drinks full of ice.  It was awesome!  : )

the latest painting by J. Frost.  VERY cool.

I spent the afternoon going through nearly a hundred of my best photos, sketching some out and trying to make a short list of what to sew next.  There are number of exhibits I would like to have things ready for.  Nothing got farther than the paper and pencil, however, I did come across a photo I had forgotten all about!  It was late autumn / early winter, and we put on our 'patio lights'.  I took many photos.  Looking at them really sparked something creative in me, so this is what I made as the sun went down.  (Thus the dim lighting.)

It's thread painting on black, which I really enjoyed.  Here's how I work.

I purposefull did not try to copy the photo exactly.  I did do the bulbs by the original photo, but I made a different line up & angle, including some dark bulbs.  Then I just doodle-quilted the background in.  Fun!

art courtesy of Jack Frost

We sat in the sun, had a big turkey dinner and have simply been having such a nice quiet time together.  See you tomorrow for Tips on Tuesdays.  Any Suggestions?



Becky said...

Love J Frost's work! How about labeling your quilts. That's what I really need to start doing, and have no idea how to do it! Stay warm!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Family Day! Love the lights :).
Stay inspired!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

as always....beautiful

Grandma Coco said...

Happy Family Day to you, too.
I second the vote to hear about quilt labels.

Bee said...

Jack Frost has created some lovely new paintings...as always! I LOVE your patio lights!!!! I have had an idea buzzing around my brain for weeks having to do with thread painting on black fabric. Your post inspires me to go for it! Thank you!!

quiltmom said...

Hi Monika,
Thanks for coming to visit during OWOH-
I have never done machine embroidery - or thread painting either- It looks very pretty on the black background. I do love the contrast of fibers on black - the black always sets them just so.
I hope that you will come and visit again.
Stay warm,

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