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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tips on Tuesdays! -> Labels

Today's Tips on Tuesdays is all about Labels, by request from Becky.  Thanks Becky!  To anyone reading this, please leave a comment on how you do labels (with a link if you are a blogger).  The red button on the sidebar will link you to ALL tips on Tuesdays posts, so grab it or stay a while if you like.

First:  Why label your quilt or art quilt at all?  My answer:  Because you should.  : )  It's handmade.  It's a work of art.  It's a time honored craft.  And it's likely that the quilt will be around long after you.  Give future owners some information about the quilt and it's maker.

I have a quilt that is 40 yrs old.  It's my baby quilt.  It's falling apart.  I 'restored it' with new binding and new backing.  There was no label.  I remember the woman who made it, but couldn't recall her name.  She passed away decades ago.  Luckily I phoned my mom and she knew.  As a quilter, I felt very proud to put this woman's name on the quilt.  This quilt was important.  So shouldn't the quilter be as well?

I know.  Not pretty.  But it's there!  : )

What should you put on the label? Whatever you want really.  I think it's important to put the following:

Name of quilt
Year made/completed
Name of designer/quilter
City or country it was made in.

Your quilt could end up anywhere on this planet.  Think of that.  Some people include a message or a story behind the name of the quilt.  These all add personality to the piece, and validate the importance of the quilt.

Where do you put it?  When looking at the quilt from the front, go to the bottom right hand corner.  Flip the corner up and that's where the label should be.

another label I should really re-do now that I know how.  But it's there!  : )

I remember where it goes because that's where artists sign their work - lower right.  (When facing the back, the label will be on the bottom LEFT hand corner.)  Some people fuse and/or whipstich the label there.  My guild's charity group puts them right onto the backing before the quilt is bound, so that the bottom & left edge are right under the binding.  I thought that was great because then it's unlikely that the label would get removed.  I think I'll do mine like that from now on.

I press a piece of fabric under 1/4 inch or so to make a hemline.  Then I use bic markers.  Really.  I've bought other special fabric markers and they were always garbage.  This is what I use to label kid's clothing too, so I know it won't wash out.  My labels are not pretty.  Some people go all out and make GORGEOUS labels that resemble the quilt top.  If you know a great link, please leave it here!

Krista from Poppyprint just made a post on how she makes her labels.  CLICK HERE to see.

So what would you like to say on the topic?  Do you label?  Why?  How?  Share it!



Peg said...

Labels - I always forget to label! Thanks for the reminder. I have purchased pre-made labels (that are buried in my stash somewhere), also have had a lesson in how to print on fabric, and thus can make my own labels - just have to remember to do it before I give the quilt away LOL!

random thoughts do or di said...

I make a label on the computer and print it on Printed Treasures printable fabrics. I try to make it coordinate with the quilt. I love your suggestion to sew two sides into the binding. I usually say who it was made for and of course made by with my name and a date.

Gerrie said...

Because my work is art, I sign it. Sometimes, I write my name with free motion quilting. I always sign the back directly on the back fabric with a pen that shows. I add the © and the date. I only add a label if required by a show.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi...so far; I use labels that I had made....they state that the quilt is hand made by me....my name....These are for the quilts that I sell.....they are able to remove them if they want.....it is their quilt....but for my own...I like to make one up on the computer and print it up the way I like....

Grandma Coco said...

I'd love to see more of your Red is Best quilt, Monika. What a good use of all those wonderful line drawings. You embroidered them in red work? AND you got permission. Great idea and what little we can see in this post is beautiful. Did the illustrator ever see the finished quilt?

Sorry, not much to add about labels, I'm afraid. Just that I've printed black ink on regular fabric (ironed to freezer paper) and then heat set it with my iron. Seems to work well, especially for display (art) quilts that won't get washed much. You can add artwork, too. My printer's black ink seems to be stable but not the colour inks.

felicity said...

I do label my quilts. All of them. I include the name of the quilt, the recipient, my name, the year and my city.

I use a lot of different methods, including the ones you mentioned in your post - whipstitching the whole thing, sewing down two sides in the binding, and writing directly on the backing. I have yet to try printing on fabric but I got some transfer paper recently that I think I'll try out.

My Sweet Prairie said...

(yes - that is my Red is Best quilt, and yes I did find the illustrator of the 30 yr old book and asked permission. I've been raised with firm values around the issue of copying. She was so excited to be asked that she wrote me the loveliest permission letter. And yes, I did send her photos of the finished product. The publishing company has yet to give me permission. The quilt just hangs in my daughter's room and I've not really shown many people. It was her favorite book when she was 18 months old, and the little girl looked JUST like her, same attitude, same hair cut. Incidentally, it was the second quilt I had ever made. like, ever.)

: )

Anonymous said...

My comment is more about proof of ownership than a label. Some fibre artists and teachers write their information on the edge of the quilt that is hidden inside the binding. A label can easily be removed or replaced but no one would think to look under the binding. This was suggested by a teacher whose quilts "mysteriously" disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika
For the one and only quilt I made, I printed a label on paper backed fabric and attached in the corner, similar to what you find on dishtowels. Here's a link to illustrate.
Stay inspired!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was the album link. Here is the picture link. Just copy and paste into your address bar. https://picasaweb.google.com/mshaiku/FabricArt?fgl=true&pli=1#5576580395532610354

Stay inspired!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I have usually made labels on my sewing machine, using the letters and numbers, and adding a satin stitch butterfly as my signature.
But recently I got some labels from Spoonflower. They were so easy to design, even I did it !! (and that means that it was very easy!!) You can order a small swatch or a fat quarter to try them out. I haven't used them yet, but I left space to add the year and name of the quilt if I want. I will post some pictures on my blog if you want to check it out.

Heather said...

i makde my labels on the computer using fancy fonts. then I print them on paper. I layer the paper and fabric on my light table and trace them with sharpie markers. After pressing to set, I applique it to the back. When I remember, I sign my name on the very edge before I put on the binding. I know where it is in case I ever need to show a judge in court.

Becky said...

No tips from me, just thanks for all of the great information!!! I'd love to see those spoon flower labels! How cool!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I have not yet made a label for a quilt I made, it's on my list of things to get to and I am starting to see all the good reasons why! Thanks for the tips!

Bee said...

For the quilts I'm making for my grandchildren, I am printing a photo of myself with the child on Printed Treasures. I add a short personal hand written message to the child(using a Pigma Micron pen) plus all the normal info...names,where made and date. I don't know how well it will hold up after lots of washing, but we'll see. My grandkids are blessed to have all of their grandparents plus great- grandparents and even a few step-grandparents still living. I guess I just wanted to be sure they knew WHO made the quilt for them.:)

Gailanne said...

I LOVED these tips!

I am a very beginner quilter, so didn't think I'd have anything to offer you ladies, BUT was reading thru a Fons and Porter magazine (Jan/Feb 2011) tonight and saw an article about labels, of all things!

They showed a picture of a small plain piece of white material sewn in the regular right hand corner of the back, but then shows the name of the quilter "cross-stitched" across the label. Pretty neat, don't you think?

My Sweet Prairie said...

Wow! thanks everyone! Keep the comments coming. And if you would like to see what Flo has, she did post all about the Spoonflower labels. http://www.butterflyquilting.blogspot.com
And okay - I'll try one more pigma pen! Although - with the bic fine points, I have a range of colors and can coordinate with the quilt, even doodle things on it.

What a rockin' post! And i almost didn't do it.

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