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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Snapshots # 25

on the colors portobello and pistachio...

one of my favorite fabrics that match nothing.

Fiona on the left, Pretty Penny on the right.

can you tell i was having fun?

Fiona on-the-go, complete with pockets.
: )
and that's what happens when you're really really loving your sewing machines, and the van quits just before a long weekend (no service until Tuesday) during a minus thirty cold-snap, and your kids are all busy with toys.  I am stranded in my sewing room!



Teri said...

Wow. Stranded in your sewing room....rough. LOL.

Simone de Klerk said...

You did find the good match! Love it.

Sharon said...

What happened to our nice weather?

My Sweet Prairie said...

I know! It's freezing... but I don't mind much at all because there's been pure sunshine for 2 days. Big big blue sky, and the light is just pouring in the house when the sun is this low in the sky. Everything is all lit up and that's all I need. ; ) Clouds make me sad.

fabriquefantastique said...

I feel your pain! and yes, I can tell you are having fun.

Bee said...

I've got to sit down and try out the lettering on my Horizon. I love the scissors and spool of thread too! I'll be thinking about you... stranded in your sewing room.....while I turn green with envy! : ) Have fun!

Bernie said...

I have to agree with Terry - how rough to be stranded in your sewing room all weekend! I've been stranded at work and it hasn't been near as much fun as you have had. BUT I have gotten home at a decent time to spend a few minutes in my attic sewign room with the sun still blazing in (love when the days get longer) and work a little on some small projects.
I'm so glad that you found another sewing machine and that you "outfitted" it!

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