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Friday, 18 February 2011

The Liebster Awards Go To...

Last week I received a blog award from Dolores at True Blue Canadian.  Thank you so much!

The idea is to pick your three favorite blogs that have under 300 followers, and make a post with links to them so all your followers can check them out.  I have a whole list of new blogs I've found recently and OH MY I love them all!  Almost all of them can be found at the bottom of my blog, but here are direct links to three Canadian blogs that put a huge smile on my face when I visit them.

This is my most recent discovery... (drumroll please)

First - you will LOVE her banner.  And she likes orange.  Perfect really.  She seems pretty adventurous.  I think she's a very active blogger.  I really get a kick out of her!  She is from Manitoba.  She shows lots of process photos too which I really appreciate.  

Here is a blog for prairie photography lovers.  I met her via my sewing machine woes.  She lives in a neighborhood very close to me. I hope to visit with her more over tea, or possibly go out on a photo shoot with her some day.  I would sew mine.  She does some fabulous art and collage with hers - look for the ghost horse.  Hers is a blog that I find myself sitting silently with and slowly looking deep into her work.  It's a good change of pace for me.  Presenting:

Last but not least (never least) is Grandma Coco.  This blog next isn't new to me, but her posts are so quirky and warmly creative.  She sews, knits, makes patterns, and does some terrific illustrations that always make me smile!  You need to see them.  I met her through an online quilting guild.  Presenting another fabulous Canadian woman:

So there you go - some sewing, some photography, some art... a little bit of everything I love.  I hope you enjoy them too. 

Have a great Friday.


elle said...

Gee, thanks Monika! I am practically chained to my stool here in the Coop and Saucer playroom as I machine quilt a comfort quilt for my dear friend. I shall stop at the end of every row to check out new blogs. Sew many blogs, sew many rows, sew little time. What's a chick to do but keep pecking away!

Grandma Coco said...

Monika! How on earth can I ever live up to that intro??? Seriously, thank you so much. You are sweet.

Judy Wood said...

Looks like I'm in good company--and the token "non fabric or fibre" person. Thanks!!

Bernie said...

OK - small world that you would put Judy Wood's blog on here and it is one of the ones that I follow on a regular basis. I know her from the horse world but we are also working together on an art show and sale in May at the Superintendent's Residence at the Forestry Farm Park. I love her writing style and of course her photos. She did a beautiful collage of our daughter and her previous horse.
I also checked out Elle's from your link yesterday - cute humor! I also checked out the blogger's quilt festival - holy crap. There are so many entries it could take days and days to read it all! And some of the pictures look amazing. I'll have to do a blog entry next year for it. I'm still owrking on getting the camera and the computer talking to each other so that i can do a blog entry entitled vintage quilts and old houses.

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