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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

Here it is... tonight is the longest night of the year.  From here on in, the daylight hours will increase.  We will actually open some gifts tonight to celebrate after a big dinner.  We've done this for fifteen years now.

The winter sun is so low, that at high noon, it's not far above the tops of the houses.  In the middle of the day, it actually shines right though the back windows of the house and out the front windows.  During the summer, the sun is so high in the sky that it doesn't even come in the windows at noon!

I hope it's clear tomorrow so we can watch the sun rise!  Christmas here will be very quiet - no travels and no company.  I plan to do a lot of sewing... : )  Until then, I'm waiting for more sunshine!

ooooh flower buds in December!  I love it.

Take care!
~Monika & the whole gang.  : )


Janice said...

oooh, I envy your Christmas - no family and no travelling. One christmas the girls both had chicken pox - I loved it - no traveling, just 2 weeks of quiet family time!!!

Janice said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Wendy Lou said...

Did you see the amazing sundogs this morning?

Bee said...

What a lovely tradition! Your Christmas plans sound wonderful. Enjoy!

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