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Monday, 20 December 2010

My Friends / Monday

I mailed the duplicate EQ5 books out, and now mine are sitting under the tree covered in wrapping paper.  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  It's driving me nuts.  I want to start playing around with colors and shapes.  I like that  it's paperless.  I also like the fact that I would plan things before chopping up fabric and changing my mind.  So while I clean the house and care for sick kids, I want to show you my HOT NEW FINDS in blogland.  These women really inspire me.

The "Stunningly Beautiful, Did I Die & Go To Heaven?" Award goes to...  Karen!  She's from the UK and has a first class Honours Degree in Textile/Surface Design, specialising in hand embroidery.  Really.  Just do me a favor and don't read all the silly comments I leave her.  Some of her photos made me cry.  Here's her link:

The "Heck, She Can Do Anything. She's My Hero" Award goes to Brittany from the states.  Heck, she's been in Handyman Magazine!  Come on, this is cool.  I remember watching a Canadian female fix-it show in the 80's every day after school.  Gotta love a woman who knows her power tools.  Here's her blog:

And last but NOT least, the "This Blog Just Feels Good.  I Must Come Here Everyday" Award goes to Christie.  Her blog is full of happy - even in the side bars!  You can find her in my follower's list.  She's the happiest face with the biggest smile.  That's her.  She is a quilter and I like her attitude and her openness.  She can be found here:

Enjoy! And don't forget the Lunar Eclipse tonight!!  Red moons are great for creativity.

i made this



Christie, Describe Happy said...

You are just so sweet! I'm totally blushing right now. Off to go check out your other recommended blogs.

karen said...

well thankyou!! not much of a hero though, a big wuss in the snow!! it just took me 2 hours to drive 4 miles!!!! and then I come in and read your lovely words, shucks, you make my day!!!

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