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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Moon Went Down and The Sun Came Up

The Lunar eclipse was so fun to watch from my windows last night!  I was online with friends of mine here in the city and we all chatted as we watched.  How cool is that?  ; )  My camera batteries died, but this morning there was still lovely spectacles to behold! So I put in the freshly charged batteries, and mistakingly left the camera on a crappy night setting (oops) and ventured out with the kids this morning so see what we could see.  Enjoy!

full moon setting in the northwest sky at dawn

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The Moon Went Down and the Sun Came Up
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: )



Bee said...

Gorgeous photos!! Now I see why you call it your Sweet Prairie. You live in a beautiful place! I'm enjoying your blog.

Linda Miller Designs said...

Amazing photos! We have been deluged by rain in So CA, so no moon was visible.

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