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Monday, 13 December 2010

Thoughts on Blogland

I have not much to write, except that I've enjoyed puttering around the house and relaxing with my family yesterday.  Everything seems to be in slow motion.  Deadlines have all come and gone.  Cards are all mailed.  Gifts are wrapped.  We aren't traveling this winter and no one is coming here.  I don't mind the quiet.  I'm really looking forward to the rest we'll get.

my family, 2009

I've done some puttering around on this blog too.  I've added more photos to the flickr sets, and met some fabulous contacts there!  I revamped my blog lists at the bottom if you want to go look.  I now have 2 lists.  One list is all quilters.  The other list are my artsy inspirations including photography and embroidery.  Succulent things can be found there!

the pond is frozen now! 2009

I'm excited to announce that between here and the Hive, My Sweet Prairie now has 120+ people linked on as followers, and since the summer there have been over thirteen thousand hits on this blog!?  OH MY.  That's insane.  Where did you all come from?  I really didn't think anyone would be looking if I came here and started "thinking out loud".  Was I wrong.

postcard, 2010

A few of you are astounded at my ability to blog often and regularly.  I hope this doesn't change.  I am well trained.  Nearly twenty years ago I was told by a colleague to keep a journal.  So I did.  I filled a book a month for nearly ten years!  I have boxes and boxes in my basement.  I can't throw them out!  It only slowed after becoming a mother in my thirties - but not by much!  I still relish in waking early and writing with no purpose.  It's good therapy I'm told.  It really frees up inhibitions and creative blocks.

my bedroom window by jack frost, 2009

So thank you blogland, and thank you blogfriends for all your support!  I love it here.

me, 2009

~Monika Kinner-Whalen


Cheryl said...

Every day, eh? Maybe I'll have to try. It sure has worked for you. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You make every day a surprise :).
Stay inspired!

karen said...

yep, blogland is great. How many fascinating people have we met that would otherwise have passed unnoticed?? Love your blue cloth too...(above)

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