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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Motherload & a Bartering Proposition

Oh did the mail ever arrive!  I got a huge box of goodies that I ordered online during a flash sale.  It might have been the super crazy markdowns from black friday in the states.  Here it is!  I love the tape.  It makes me feel special.  (It's not from Artist's club though.?)

Tada!  It's landscape heaven.  I think I got them for $1/FQ!  This is serious sale pricing.

And I got enough charms and strips to make a dozen kits.  Again - ridiculous prices, like $1 per charm pack and $3/jelly roll.  These are for two different summer quilts I'm designing.  This one feels like early summer, fruity.  It is already designed.  I chose solids so I could show of the stitching I'm going to do.

And here's the late summer one.  The colors are so hot.  This is for a project I'm doing for a summer issue of "A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine".  I'm really liking that magazine.  I will blog more on that in January!!

 ...like I needed more fabric.  I'll have to do some major giveaways and load up the van next time our quilter's guild has a flea market! 

Also, my EQ5 books arrived!  And then my EQ5 books arrived.  Yeah - I wrote that twice because it happened twice.  So... ooops.  Anyone interested in these?  I started looking through them and they are awesome!  It's like "EQ for dummies".  

I'm so happy I bought these but I don't need them in duplicate.  Anyone have an old EQ that you never did learn to use?  I'm open to a swap!  I would particularly LOVE a comprehensive embroidery book in any condition.  I'm not picky.  Make me an offer!  Just email me!  




Brenda T said...

These fabrics are great! :):) Where were you shopping?

Molly said...

what kind of embroidery book? hand embroidery? 'cause if that's what you want, i have one i no longer need which you may certainly have...and no, i don't need the eq handbooks...

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I am so glad you stopped through my blog earlier!! I think we have similar creative minds. I am enjoying seeing your projects. Looking forward to see more!! And oh my that's a nice delivery for a steal of a price!!

Flo said...

mmmmm. now that I see you mention of Eq5 I remembered that my sweet hubby gave that to me for Christmas a couple (or more) years ago. I tried using it but never really got the hang of it. Now I am not sure where it is....new laptop since then, so dont know if I can even reinstall it??? Guess I had better go digging through my sewing room boxes and see if I still have it. If i do, I will have to come up with something crative to barter with because I dont have any thing related to embroidery ! :)

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