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Thursday, 16 December 2010

An Earlier Exhibit - Gardenscape in March

This is terrific!  I received an email invite to purchase exhibitor's space at the annual big spring GARDENSCAPE, 2011.  They are showcasing artists in a limited number of spaces who have landscapes or floral art.  It's at the end of March, and the little 4x8 foot spaces wouldn't only hold a lot of pieces, so (choke) why not another project!?  It's a great opportunity I think!

People come in from all over the province for this one.  Last year they has over 26 thousand visitors!  It's a BIG spring event, like I said.   It's three days and it's not like a craft fair where I need to commit to camping out there.  That's awesome!  There's a fee but they take no commission. Sounds great to me.  I'm doing it!

All right... back to work Monika.  : )
Mandy's Magical Tree is calling.  Applique about to begin...


Flo said...

Great Monika!! That is so cool. And there are TONS of people at Gardenscape, so you will have a huge "audience". Great opportunity for you! I will have to go this year and scout it out!

My Sweet Prairie said...

I know! And I think it's the RIGHT audience. I won't have a lot for sale. It's a small display. But it's the perfect setting! What a great idea.

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