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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bugs, Books, and Magic Trees.

That will teach me.  I signed an online petition to save the CBC and my laptop was completely overrun by viruses.  I sat there in horror for 2 days thinking about all the family photos from the last year, my patterns and quilt log, and articles and programs and  .  Good thing I married a "computer guy".  Too bad he married the most geekless woman ever.

thank you Michael!  xo

I ran a lot of errands yesterday.  I mailed MORE cards out, gifts to nieces and nephews across Canada, and sent the two EQ5 books to a woman in Texas.  So they are gone FYI.  I also stopped at Molly's house to pick up an embroidery book.  You know, "Molly my supplier".  ; )  She's so sweet.  Have you met her?  She is always pleasant, always smiles, and always calls me 'dear'.  As soon as I walked in to her house I heard, "Hello there dear".  Maybe I can arrange to have her adopt me or something.  hehehe  She knits, so I need to come up with some fabulous gift for her.  In the mean time, I made her a little thank you card.  THANK YOU MOLLY!

And now for Mandy's Magical Tree.  YES (Mandy if you are reading), I have been slowly creating that piece.  Bear with me, because the work-in-progress photos are extremely bland.  But as I work along on it, the next step pops into my head and I'm sooo excited with how this is coming along.  So check it out:

baby slings, carrier straps, booties too!  (brown not hers)

auditioning the threads I'll use for quilting the sky

mei tei moon

rainbow booties that will become 2 stars in the sky (2 boys)

my fabric for the leaves - she asked for light greens & yellows

I have this awesome idea that I've already started on for the leaves!!  They are all cut out - several dozen by hand.  Also, the tree is now quilted with brown threads and I did Trapunto as well.  (Trapunto is when you add batting to certain areas to make them pop.)  Those photos will have to wait.  Sneak peaks only.  I can't spoil the surprise for Mandy.

How can you NOT love those booties!!?

Now back to creating!  : )

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