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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sunday Snapshots #18

Pretties for you...

window ice painting by Jack Frost

COLOR!  solids waiting to be stitched

LOVE : my new open toe accufeed foot...  I CAN SEE!

Did you know they make accufeed compatible (even feed) presser feet for open toe, stitch in the ditch, and 1/4 inch seam guide foot for Janome?!  I just got myself this open toe foot, and I have the 1/4 inch accufeed foot on order.  I can't wait to put on binding with that!  Lovely...

And pretties for me!  Look what arrived in my mailbox!  Gorgeousness...

"Red Embellished" postcard sent from Jaynie H. via PostCardCottage!!

personal swap with Heather from Heather Lair Designs!

Aren't they pretty!?  Winter wouldn't be winter without those pink skies.

Blue Train on Steel and Warm Champaigne Skies

Thank you so much for the post cards, and thank you Gailanne in Pennsylvania USA for the beautiful, uplifting card all brimming with joy and love.  You all made my day!

See you tomorrow,


Becky said...

We occasionally get a tiny bit of window frost inside here in E Oregon, but in Michigan we'd get it quite often, especially in our garage that was heated, but set barely above freezing to save $$. Thanks for the winter pictures!

karen said...

great ice picture! and we are -10 now!!!! catching you up!!

My Sweet Prairie said...

: ) Hey Becky, that's my bedroom sliding doors... covered completely in ice every winter. Crazy hey? We don't heat garages here. It would need a full blown furnace.

Thanks for commenting! I never know if people are looking or not...

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