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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What I'm Working On Wednesday

I felt so good today after getting that Ice & Flow piece out of my imagination and into reality!  I was ready to work on the next commission: Mandy's Magical Tree.  I have a bag full of fabrics from her that are from baby slings and carries she wore her boys in.  Check out the colors!

The plan for this is a backdrop to the tree.  We laid it all out like this (excuse the crappy cell phone pic).  And YES I can see a tree!  It's side-ways, using Michelle F.'s bed for a design wall.  : )

The booties will be stars in the sky.  The beige is a honey colored silk that will be a full moon.  The blue at the top of the sky is from her mei tei, as are the beige straps that will become tree branches.  I needed green, so that's Michelle's sweater I pulled from her closet.  It's the right color.  I'll add leaves as well.  And then when we stood back, it looked nice and earth to see the chocolate brown bed... so the border will be brown.  Can you see it?  That photo is my template.

Look at the love worn into this fabric!  Those are lines after pressing, worn away from use.  Sweet!

I'm excited about this.  I'm going to embellish it like crazy!  So we've decided to do a large wall hanging.  A quilt loaded with beads will get destroyed too quickly.  So when I suggested no beads, she GASPED in shock.  So, sparkly it is!  : )

And guess what happened!?  I began after one last phone consult with her, and my machine got all jammed and the threads tangled and the bobbin case was knocking around.  So into the shop she went after I did all the cleaning and resetting I could.  I guess I was meant to do that hand-beading first, though I really had my mind wrapped around beginning Mandy's piece!  So here are some photos of Ice and Flo (12" x 8").

the shoreline

rows of iridescent glass beads stitched on

and I love this view...

this is true to the color of the blue cloth...

Oh Dorothy M. - thank you so much for that fabric!!

Have a good day!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome joyful tree!!! I so love trees :). Loving your ice and flow too.
Stay inspired!

Flo said...

HaHa, I caught it !! :) It looks amazing! Hope your machine comes home soon, and is feeling better.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Just picked it up. Dropped it off yesterday after the tech went home. He called me at 9am to say it is ready. He rocks.

Lee said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see this tree quilt. That background fabric is incredible!

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday!

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