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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

3- End of the Year Countdown

I'm having a lot of fun working with all these solids! 

I'm combining them with the loads and loads of white I acquired from the donation of several dozen large choir gowns.  Remember these?

I've also been doing some triple-stitching of sketches I made, so they look similar to hand embroidery or redwork.  I haven't heard back from the magazine editor yet if I can show you my progress on that quilt or not, so for now I"ll go back to the post so you can see the technique.  I'm not sure there's a name for it.  I just came up with it because I was procrastinating doing hand embroidery.  It isn't exactly machine embroidery.  Nothing is pre-programed and I don't own an embroidery machine.  I just outline the sketch lines I drew with a triple stitch, VERY SLOWLY, pivoting after ever stitch.  Hand stitching would be quicker, though I do like and trust the look of this.  By the way, I'm much better at it now than I was when I made this post.  Enjoy!

 nearly there...


Dolores said...

Enjoy your solids. I love solids and find that my eye is always attracted to quilts made with solids when I attend quilt shows.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Sounds like you are still up to a lot of good things! Were you able to resolve the picture capacity issue on your blog? Only a few more days to go!

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