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Thursday, 30 December 2010

2 - End of the Year Countdown

I had a lot of thrilling firsts this past year.  I'm really curious if 2011 will pale in compare.  Next year already seems planned & scheduled, and 2010 was absolutely not.  I flew by the seat of my pants through that one!  Thinking back to the past year, getting a pattern published in a magazine for the first time was DEFINITELY a thrill!

So here is a link to the post that made me laugh the most.  Scroll down and read the entries.  Some are HILARIOUS.  (ps - contest is closed)  Enjoy!

 so close now...


Molly said...

if you think of your career like a garden, i think you can get a feeling of what the next year will be like...this year, your garden burst up out of the ground - vigorous new growth, many buds, some opening, some waiting. now the garden growth slows a bit but the growth is more sustained. some of the buds will fruit, some will open, some will wither away. new little plants will creep up out of the ground where you least expect them and produce the most amazing things!
happy gardening!

karen said...

Hi!! thankyou for missing me!!! Are you well?? I hope you had an amazing christmas x

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh Molly - that was so sweet. You write lovely things. You should blog my dear. ; )

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