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Friday, 31 December 2010

1 - End of the Year Countdown

Here it is - last day of the year.  The last of the cards from friends and family have rolled in from the mail.  Our 'other' family business held its 2nd Annual Holiday Bowling Staff Party.  (My husband Michael is the new owner of HobbyWorld in Saskatoon.)

dig the shoes, but I should have worn the plaid pants!

For some reason, bowling sounds so dorky, but WOW we had lots of fun!  And to top it off, do you recall the post about my long lost high school friend Irene?  I picked up some recycled buttons and rickrack from her via Saskatoon Freecycle, and we had a little reunion right there on her front street.  Well she now does books for my husband's hobby store, so I got to hang out and bowl with her at the staff party!  We swapped gifts.  Irene wanted chocolate, so she got $15 dollars worth of chocolate from me, plus a movie pass.  Look what she got me!

wrapped in cloth, secured with pins, tied with a bow

See the curved tip?  They are embroidery scissors.  Awesome.  I have new embroidery books too now.  Maybe someday in the near future I'll make a lovely embroidered something-er-other, and Karen from the blog Contemporary Embroidery will come over to my blog and say, "WOW did you make that!?".  (hehehe, yeah right Monika!) 

Yesterday, I woke to this. 

happiness is a lovely sunrise

So pretty.  Sigh.  The color changes are so subtle.  Come to think of it, that sky sure resembles Mandy's piece!  That put me in a terrific mood, and so tonight I'm having some friends and neighbors over to celebrate New Year's Eve at our house for the first time ever.  I'm quite excited about this!  The food is all ready, and I'm out to chop wood for the fire.  : )   Now that I have my photos in order, expect my posts to be much more eye candy in 2011!

peeking through into my sewing room

To everyone who inspires me,
to each and every one of you who support me in my craft, 
for the cards and the comments and the advice and the appreciation,
I wish you a very happy evening, 
and a new year full of peace and joy and delightful discoveries!
Thank you for being here for me.  


~Monika / My Sweet Prairie


Kati said...

I love that little quilt on the wall in your sewing room, and those hanging stars are fab!

Molly said...

have a most exciting and creative new year, monika! it's such fun to see your artworks grow!


Flo said...

Happy New Year to you Monika! And thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us! You have truly inpired me this year to get busy and do more!
Have fun tonight.....stay warm!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Happy New Year Monika! I've enjoyed getting to know you recently via the blogs!! Hope to see you in real life in the new year. m

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Happy New Year Sweets! That sunrise surely is happiness and I can't wait to see what you dazzle us with in the coming weeks!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Happy New Year Monika :).

Stay inspired!

Grandma Coco said...

Can't wait to see what you get up to in 2011.

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