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Monday, 3 January 2011

Fashionably Late? Happy 2011!

* * * Happy new year! * * *

I kinda missed it didn't I?  What day is it anyhow?  I've been very sick, not with a cold or flu, but blood poisoning.  (!?!)  I finally woke from my fever after three days of deep sleep and loads of penicillin. 

at least it was sunny all weekend (this is me on the couch)

I don't really recall the past few days except when my children came to kiss me or put their (what felt like) ice cold hands onto my hot hot head.  It all started with a little nick on my knuckle.  You know the type:  the one that gets re-nicked and re-kicked.  Well, it got infected.  That's all.  It must have travelled up my arm and loaded into my lymphs and I was down for the count.  (sorry for the gory details, I'm done now.)  Incredible really.  Today was the day I would go to hospital for an IV if nothing changed.  But the fever broke and this is my first day sitting upright.  All I can say is:

o m g.  the house is a mess. 

So I missed our first ever new year's eve house party.  I think we'll just reschedule.  In the mean time as I sat (upright!!) on the couch this evening, I worked on some embroidery beyond my lone french knot for the first time ever.  I picked up a book from Molly and tried out a few on a sample postcard.  It's white crochet cotton on red faux suede.  Don't ask me why I chose that.  I don't have an answer.

Not perfect, but pretty and very fun to try something new! 

Oh!  By the way!  The new PostCardCottage swaps are up.  If you are interested in fabric postcards, click on the link in the left side-bar.  You can join the group at any time.  New swaps go up on the first of each month.  If you sign up for one, then you need to make three cards and mail them out by the middle of the following month.  I picked some good topics this time, and I think they are nearly full.  Check it out if you like!

Other than that, I haven't set foot in my sewing room.  I'm still too weak to sit up and think.  Take care everyone and I will post again very soon! 

who seems to have misplaced her new year's resolutions.  


Luna said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend! Scary! Take care..

Molly said...

so glad you're feeling better now - isn't it scary how something so simple and so common as a 'knicked knuckle' can so quickly become serious? and aren't we lucky to live in the here and now with penicillin and medical available. human beings are so vulnerable...
and your embroidery is lovely!
take care of yourself - recuperation time is very important. allow yourself time and rest and time...

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you Monika. So glad you're on the mend now. Blood poisoning is scary business. I hope you're now stocked up on bandaids and polysporin ;). Wishing you a wonderful 2011 and hoping this is the last uggghh you'll have for the whole year!
Stay inspired!

Flo said...

so sorry to hear about your misadventure, pretty scary stuff. Glad you are feeling better.....we missed you!! : )
Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Gailanne said...

I missed you too Monika, how scary!
Wish I was there to help you clean up, just glad the fever broke and you're on your way to celebrate a New Year!

ps...keeping you in my prayers, and my heart.

Bee said...

I'm so sorry you've been so sick!! I didn't realize a scraped knuckle could turn so serious so quickly! I'm so glad you are on the mend. Your embroidery is beautiful!

Lee said...

Wow! Glad you're feeling better and back at the crafting! I think the embroidery is beautiful.

Happy new year!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh gosh, hope you continue to feel better! You embroidery is beautiful!

Grandma Coco said...

So scary, Monika. Who'd expect that from a little knick? I sure hope you're taking it easy for a little while.

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