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Thursday, 2 December 2010

"Redwork" by Machine?

I figured out what I wanted in the centre block of the St Nikolas preschool quilt, but I didn't trust myself to mark it and handstitch (though I've done well before).  So I tried to be inventive.  Here's what I did.  I wanted to stitch the phrase "my school friends and me" in German.  So first I called our cousins to ask for advice on that.   ; )  Translated:  "meine schulfreunde und ich".  So I wrote that up in a blank word document, set the font and size how I wanted it, and copied it onto tracing paper!

Then I cut out the words and taped them into position on the quilt top.  Using a triple stitch and red thread, I slowly stitched it out.  I stitched VERY slowly, since there was a lot of pivoting.

The paper is so thin that it just tore away so easily.  I like it!

There's the top of the centre block.  And here is the bottom! 

Now back to basting and a lot of stray threads to clean up.  As I'm doing it, the vision of some very pretty quilting is coming to mind. 

ps - The preschool teacher asked me how many hours it takes to make a quilt.  I had no answer for her.  I was dumbfounded.  It's all I do, so I cannot imagine timing it.  Have any of you actually calculated that?  And do you count in the hours spent "reverse sewing" ?  (Pippa Moore taught me that word.)  On this quilt so far, there are about three hours of that! LOL   



Gailanne said...

Monika, I just love all these tricks you're teaching me, sticking them in my head for later....
Love seeing the process of making this quilt from conception thru birth. There is SO much love put into making one, it's just AMAZING!

BEAUTIFUL piece of art!

julia said...

{whoops, don't know what happened with my first comment...anyways, this is what i wrote:}
sooo cool! or should i say ├╝ber-cool? *g*. didn't know that german on a quilt could look so gorgeous ~ i tend to translate everything in english because i think it sounds better :)
can't wait to see it finished,

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