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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What I'm Working On Wednesday

What am I working on?  LOTS.  Possibly too much.  I'm done Grandma's Cabin.  Carol-Lynne came to pick it up last night.  It looks so nice in that shadow box.  It sits a couple inches behind the glass.  Looking into it is like looking into a memory.  The person she is gifting it to is soon to turn 94!  WOW.  I know you've seen this piece before, but now it's really done and gone.

quite possibly the most detail i've ever done

Next up... I'll call it "Mandy's Magical Tree Quilt".  It's a commission that came my way.  It will be made almost entirely from the fabric of a mother's baby slings and cloth carriers that she wore her babies in.  Here's the fabrics...

magical indeed, for i do not see tree parts here.  : )

Mandy sees a tree.  I met with her recently and we laid out all the fabrics in a way that matches her vision of it.  I get it now!  It's planned to be very colorful and very whimsical.  And it will deserve a lot of curly quilting.  I am looking forward to this one very much!!  She wants SPARKLE - and she'll get it!  : )

This is another bag sent to me.  It's a quilt commissioned from Jesica, a long-distance friend of mine.  Her Grandmother passed away last year and these are the fabrics she has from her.  Her grandmother was VERY significant in Jesica's life, so this is a bag full of love and memories.  She wants a big white quilt with little bits of color all over the top.

waiting for the cutting table...  lots of bold colors!

Sweet Jessica!  She included a BIG FAT sampler book for me to because she knows I make postcards  Awesome!  THANK YOU!  No 2 alike...

200 or so postcards just waiting to be made!

Speaking of which, I put 3 new swaps up at PostCardCottage (a yahoo group I adopted - go join!).  So I'm signing up for a swap and need to make 3 postcards for that.

And then there is the preschool fundraiser quilt.  
I have less than a week to finish it.  

I had no strategy for it.  I had the children in my daughter's class each design a block with glue sticks and fabric scraps I brought in.  I took them all home to turn it into a quilt.  The it will be silent-auctioned amongst the parents on the 6th for the St. Nikolas Day party.  The top is nearly done, and can you believe it!?  It's ALL APPLIQUE!  That is something I swore I would never ever do.  (Never say never ever.)   Here are a whole whack of photos from this project.

cleaning up the connecting threads...

the children together and their homes below.  ok, i like it.

When big projects overwhelm me, I am drawn to fine detailed tasks.  I took a well deserved break from that one, and fiddled around with some prep for a fibre art piece (that one floating around in my head...).  My daughter and I made some cloth beads for the first time!  Arwen made red ones.  I made white.  My white ones are inspired by ice and winter and the great north.  They are PERFECT for my Arctic Art.

* hand-rolled beads of cloth, sheer, and irridescent threads *

Lastly, a stitching magazine has asked to feature me & my work!  H*!y C^@p!  That caused another moment of stunned - crying - honored - excited.  I texted my husband and told him I was going to "barf butterflies".  lol  How else do I explain it?  How thrilling!!  However, it also means another pressing deadline and I'm just not sure I'm up to it right at this moment.  It's all moving sooo fast.  So I have chosen to have this on the list for next year.  No rush.  I'll be doing this for a long time...  I do not plan on changing careers anytime soon.

surprised how this has become full time work!

thanks to Lee for organizing WIP Wednesday!  ; )
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Flo said...

Wow, i get tired just reading all the projects you have on the go! I have a whole pile too, but no deadlines, so they just sit there for the most part LOL.
Congratulations on being featured in a magazine! Very impressive, and you have earned it. I am always inspired by all the things you do. Great job! Look forward to seeing it when the time comes.

Molly said...

congratulations on being featured in the magazine! a well-deserved happening, my dear! a lovely thing to look forward to for the-post-christmas-let-down time! well done!

My Sweet Prairie said...

HA! Flo - I got tired reading it too! lol

Thanks Molly & Flo - very much. : )

Lee said...

That is quite a list! A fun list though! I'm still just loving your Grandma's Cabin piece. Can't wait to see the others come together.

Thanks for linking up, have a great week!

Diane said...

You have a lot going on! Looks like you will be busy :)

Becky said...

H*ly smokes!! That first detail is amazing! Love your blog, and who knows, I may even buy a magazine JUST 'cause you're in it! of course, I live in a teeny town, so it may be hard to come by! Be sure to give us a heads up when it comes out! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You and your lovely work deserve to be featured in a magazine. I'm so proud of you. Keep riding that creative wave and put the brakes on demands from others when you need to. You are amazingingly talented.
Stay inspired!

Leila said...

The applique turned out so well! Great work.

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