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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Teaching Little Ones!

My daughter's German Preschool Teacher asked me if I could come in to teach the children about quilts and quilting next week!  Fun.  I can't wait!  For the Craft time, I am preparing little kits for reach child to make their own blocks. They will all get tree parts.

And there will a mixed bag of squares, rectangles, and triangles to make houses (or whatever else they decide to make)!

I'm also going to give them each a big square of muslin for the backing.  I figure they can glue-stick their shapes on.  My plan is to take the blocks home and applique it all.  There are only ten kids in my daughter's class.  Then I'll decide on sashing and a border.  I saw a quilt like this once with paper-pieced children all around.  How sweet!  I could get that started now.  

Or I could add those awesome cute gnomes!  Have you seen these!?  Sonja rocks AND she's Canadian.

I have some pretty red ric-rac to embellish the quilt with too.  That would look very festive I'm sure! ; ) 
my favorite evergreen
This quilt needs to be done for St. Nikolas day (Dec 5th).  It will be silent auctioned amongst the preschool families.  They teacher is pretty excited.  She figures the parents will be fighting over it!  lol  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  This will be so fun!

Have a great day.  Enjoy the the melting / freezing / melting!  : )

frozen leaves in many layers
~Monika K.
Sewing in Saskatoon


Molly said...

when my two youngest were in preschool, a friend and i worked with them all (!) to make a handprint quilt....each child had fabric paint rolled over one of their hands and then they pressed them onto white cotton squares. they had their choice of red, blue, yellow and green 'crayon' colours and incredibly, we got a nice distribution of colours! then i heat-set the squares, embroidered each child's name on the squares, sashed, set, and bordered the quilt in crayon colours. found a matching multicoloured fabric for the backing and then hand-tied the squares in their intersections. then raffle tickets were sold to the parents and anyone they could think of! (this was the project that put 'fun' into fundraising!) as a matter of fact, one of the families was so taken by the quilt that they subsequently bought it from the winner! we all had a wonderful time making the quilt and the children had such fun finding their very own squares on the finished quilt!
thanks for bringing back some fun memories! i know you'll have some good ones to carry along with you!

Sonja said...

It sounds fabulous, I can't wait to see it! Thanks so much for the shout out and link!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Molly - that's a funny story! lol. I thought about paint but didn't want to deal with it. lol. So I came up with fabric collage for them instead. I hape I can wing this! ; )

Hey Sonja - you are so welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Wendy Lou said...

What a fantastic idea! I think that would be great to do with your kids as well. They could make squares easily enough. Actually, makes me think of the quilt I made for Andrew - had friends and family contribute a square and I put them all together. (Just don't tell that I haven't finished the binding yet...)

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