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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bigtime Stash Busting Idea!

I've decided it's time to reorganize my quilt fabrics.  I did that with my fibre art supplies and it made such a difference!  So here's the plan.

 #1 - get clear project boxes or large ziploc bags.  Got it.

#2 - sort fabrics into piles that make me happy.  Instead of "yellow pile, blue pile, red pile", I need "these go great together" piles.  Include a note about any specific plans for them.  See below:

next summer's beach blanket!  (YESSSSSSSSSSSS)
chinese coins w/ dark fabric for vertical lines - for Etsy

cherry lemonade - triangles with white
pretty large bedroom quilt to sell - or a big girl quilt for my daughter?
summer log cabin?  sailboats?
Moda FQs - winter blues and greens... GIVE AWAY CONTEST!
#4.  Out of all the piles of left overs, fill a box with suitable prints for landscapes.  These are things like earthy batiks, small leaf prints, grasses, bark, blues for sky and water, tie dye for sunsets, neutrals & beige for fields).  Done that. Sorry no photo...

#5.  EVERYTHING ELSE gets sliced into 2" strips and chucked in a big bucket.  This will be for super-scrappy quilts and binding.  Will do!

I feel great about this!  I especially like that several projects have just bounced off the shelves.  lol  As for the next give-away, I'll post that on Friday.  I need to decide what I want from YOU first. : )

sorting in Saskatoon

1 comment:

Flo said...

Good job getting organized. I need to do that too, I forget about what I have started when it is buried too long !
I love the colors you have here , especially the cherry lemonade, and also the greens and cranberry......and the greens/blues LOL. (Ok, I am part magpie...attracted to pretty colors !!)
Looking forward to seeing what you do with them :)

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