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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Housekeeping Ooohs and Aaahs

My life feels so crazy-full.  I have too many ideas.  So for today, I relocated.  I spent the morning learning to focus and organize by working in a clear, fresh, fabric-free space.  I went to a newer library with my middle child - the homeschooler for this year.  What lovely windows!  And THE BEST, most comfortable chairs EVER.  They are at the Alice Turner Library, and I must find out where they ordered them from!  So as my son organized his thoughts, I organized mine.

little library on the prairie - BEST windows, BEST seats
You've heard of the Blogger's Quilt Festival?  Lots of eye candy!  Look here, courtesy of Amy.  I think all the entries are in by the time you read this. The link is here in this post...  My entry - "Quilt Bloggers Festival"

But wait, there's more!  There is a major event being planned for 2011.  It's the The Sewing Summit OMG we all get to meet each other and sew together.  Can you imagine!?  ***Unfortunately, the date is all set for our country's Thanksgiving weekend (Americans celebrate later in the year).  So, Canadians are out of luck.  I notified the organizer.  She had no idea and assured me the next one (and there will be more!) will be on different weekend.  Whew.  Thank you Amy! We don't want to miss it.

We'll be busy enough here in Saskatoon.  The 2011 Biennial Quilt Show our guild puts on is in October of 2011.  It's always a BIG SHOW.  The theme is WAVES.  I'm doing my best to think up something!  It's not easy.  I really like my horizontal lines.  : )  This is a serious challenge.  I need cheerleaders.  I chickened out last quilt show!!

Wednesday November 10th was to be my second Postcard Workshop at Sew & Home.  There's lots of room if you want to sign up (hint hint).  I may have to cancel it if we don't get a couple more registrations.  And that's okay.

Pippa Moore is coming to Saskatoon to do a Trunk Show and some workshops for our Guild.  She's speaking on "Travels with my Treadle" later this month, and I personally can't wait!  What beautiful empowering stories of women sewing around the world - bring a tissue!

Friday, November 12th, I plan to be at Judy's new studio space for the "Quilt 'Till You Wilt" night.  I'll probably be appliqueing the St. Nikolas Quilt for my daughter's school fundraiser.  $5 drop in.  Other quilters are teaching classes there as well throughout the month:  Quilt as you go, Braided Runners, Leaves & Butterflies, Bag Ladies, Color & Texture, Bindings and Finishing, Wonky Houses, just to name a few.  Check out Quilting at the Studio on Ninth.  What a great idea.

And the Owl Boxes quilt is now sold (THANK YOU!!).  That was quick.  Please do let me know how the little one likes it.  Off to Calgary you go! 

In come 2 fabulous fibre art commissions.  oooh I can't wait to share!!  One is taken from an old photo for a Grandmother's upcoming birthday, and one is a wall hanging made from mama's baby carriers.  I am thrilled and over the moon.  Here look!  It's the moon I am thrilled over.  : )

Luna, rising just before the sun.  MKW/2010
Enjoy your weekend!  
Enjoy the post.
~Monika K.

1 comment:

Flo said...

I am "sew"excited to hear about the new quilting studio on 9th. I had not heard about it before. Hope to make it there sometime.
By the way ...did you mean that your next workshop was Nov 10?

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