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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

And the Winner Is... (contest #2)

Last week I offered some sparkly hot-fix fibres in exchange for just a comment ; ).  Easy enough.  Today is the draw!  The prize - Angelina Fibres.  They have many interesting uses.  I made a little sheet of it with my iron.  Heat it slow of you'll lose all the color!  I overheated mine, but used it anyhow.  I cut out a circle and tada!  It's the moon in Tara's postcard from the last contest.  ; )

Tara's prize - Moon Sisters postcard
I consulted my random number generator this morning (kid #3),  and she said, "I pick number 1!"  So CONGRATULATIONS FLO!  Nice goin'!  These contests are so fun.  

I'm giving away fabric next... keep posted! ; )

(pronounced as MOE-NEE-ka) 


Flo said...

Oh, I am so excited ! The very first time I have ever won a give away !! Thank you so much! And there are so many things I could do with the Angelina....maybe I should start some sparkly Christmas postcards..... or make a shimmering lake in a landscape piece......or a beautiful sky.....maybe add some into the detailing on a special tote bag.... Or maybe.....OK, maybe just one thing at a time. Thanks again!

My Sweet Prairie said...

: ) Yay! I still can't believe she said "1"! When you give a range, kids typically pic a middle number. : ) email me your address and I can get it to you ASAP.
Happy November!
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! Keep tryin'. The odds are great here.

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