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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pippa Was Here

What a great talk last night:  "Travels with my Treadle".  Pippa Moore came to our guild and told us about her travels to Uganda where she taught a small group of women/mothers/widows how to sew some specific items that would make profit for those women & the people in their lives.  Incredible. 

i think she called these "Alice bags"

I won't give away the story, because you really must hear it yourself.  Afterwards she had African fabric and some of the items available for sale.  Needless to say, she was QUITE BUSY writing up receipts and the women gathered around the table of goodies.  There were a LOT of women and I got bumped a few times trying to snap these.  This isn't a great photo, but it's cute and certainly captures the action at that end of the room ; )   

the buzzing market table (Pippa with glasses)

Thank you Pippa!  Her link is RIGHT HERE  if you want to learn more about the fabulous project, women, crafts, and fabrics.


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