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Monday, 22 November 2010

Up and Running!

I realize I use a lot of exclamation marks when I type, but they are all warranted! (See there's another one.)  I just was contemplating taking a couple days off from projects when I got an email that three of my pieces have been accepted for the Delta Bessborough Hotel's 75th Anniversary events!  It's 'the castle on the river' here in Saskatoon.  They are having one closed and one open art auction.  This quilt will be at the by-invitation-only night on Friday December 10th. 

black & white & red all over!

And I have 4 packs of photo / fibre art blank greeting cards at the open house on Sunday December 12th from the following photos!

the window grates on the Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon

WOW.  Here I am, stunned and humbled beyond belief.  I thought I was told that if you weren't contacted by the 10th of November, then you weren't selected.  So the tenth came and went and I moped around a bit.  But wow- EVERYTHING was selected.  I have one of each made, so now I'll have to sit and reproduce them before December 1.  

we all affectionately call her "the Bess" (bez).  i thought this shot was a winner!

I still have the St. Nikolas quilt that needs to be done by the 5th.  And I need a day more to work on Grandma's Cabin.  Then it's off to work on the baby-carrier turned wall hanging commission.  There's one more commission after that to make a BIG quilt and I'll be putting up a little "closed for now" sign aater that point.  I have my own ideas that I need to get out.  And there's a few of those!  Remember that gorgeous blue fabric from Dorothy's fundraiser?  Those ideas are really nagging at me.  It will be great to see them get produced.  


Well I'm off to the guild meeting.  Pippa Moore is our guest speaker tonight!  I can't wait!!  If you aren't a guild member, you can come!  It's $5 admission to non-members.  She's speaking on "Travels with my Treadle".  7:30 pm at the big church on Preston Avenue and Circle Drive.

up and running! 


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Congratulations Monika :)
Stay inspired!

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