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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Grandma's Cabin, Stage "All Done"

I worked on this a lot today and yesterday. Aside from a sign with the house number and family name, it's DONE!  I added all the planters and then began stitching the flowers.  I did french knots and glass beads.  I needed red thread.  But which one!???

I really loved working on the planters the most I think.  The roof gave me satisfaction too though.  ; )  So here I am stitching on the geraniums into the planters.

Don't they look pretty!?  Ah I love how this turned out.  They add so much dimension.

I added the lamp and the lights and the birdbath...

click pic to enlarge

What do you think Carol-Lynne!?

It's going to look great in that black shadow box.  p.s.  The white planters are the about 3 mm at the widest.  Crazy!  And here are the photos I started this commission with.



darkdreamer said...

I think I'm a little teary, it is beautiful :) When I scrolled to the finished photo my hand went to my mouth. You are amazing!! My Grandma will be a little teary too - lots of fabulous memories at that cottage and this is a gorgeous, and soulful, reminder of great days in a beautiful spot, in a medium she will totally appreciate as she is a life-long crafter who once used a sewing machine like a madwoman. Thank you!!

Tami K said...

This is just unbelievable. Who knew you could paint a picture with fabric and thread?
I admire your skills greatly!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Incredible and so touching :).
Stay inspired!

Gailanne said...

You are AMAZING!

I loved watching the process, and am in awe of what you've done, just incredible and beautiful all in one!

The story behind the piece is WONDERFUL too, what a priceless gift!

Michelle Flowers said...

I absolutely love the glass beads. so so beautiful that you can create something so moving from a photo.

you really are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Big Sis says: This is a piece of art that floods the memory with over 30 years of great times and fantastic homemade family meals, nights spent wrapped up by the campfire, my son as a little gaffer help making the playhouse, making jams n jellys, doing laundry by hand, golfing, swimming, waterskiing, my fingers can't type fast enough to keep up with all those wonderfull memories... peace and contentment and most importantly --- acceptance.

Wendy said...

Holy Cow! Amazing!!!

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