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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Everything is Changing Inside

You might remember me saying that I sell my sewing to make money so that I can buy more fabric so that I can sew more so that I can sell...  You get the idea.  Well.  It's partly true.  After talking to various buyers of my art this week, my heart has really been opened to something I had not anticipated.  I sold and delivered over half of all the art on display.  I left each home in awe and very humbled.  And I have no problem letting my art go when people react so strongly to a particular piece.  Tonight was no exception.

Spring on the Prairie, 2010 (4x6")

A woman called me on the phone.  She said she walks in the mall regularly.  People do that in the winter here.  She said every time she passes my exhibit, she stops to stare at one piece in particular: Spring on the Prairie.  Today on her walk, it was GONE!  (I took the show down on Sunday.)   She said she was so upset about not being able to see it, so she went straight to the management to get my contact information.  "What was I thinking!?" she exclaimed.  "I need to see it again!"  The way she talked about what this piece of my prairie art would do for her brought tears to my eyes!  "I was so upset when it was gone.  So I've decided I'm buying this for me. It's my Christmas present to myself.  I deserve it!  Is it still for sale?"  It was!  It's one of my favorites and I was hoping someone would fall in love with it.

So I met her in the lobby of her complex after supper.  I wrapped it like a present under the tree.  She opened it and showed all her friends the little stitches under the glass.  They all gasped and oooh-ed and aaah-ed.  It was quite a performance!  She hugged it, and then she hugged me.  And we said goodbye.  I left the building and instantly burst into tears.  I like my prairie scenes very very much.  To have someone feel the same way is an incredibly moving experience.  So the ex-social worker / trauma counsellor in me was very pleased to help another person to feel good inside.  Likewise with you Carol-Lynne!

Happy 94th Birthday to Carol-Lynne's Grandmother!

Here's a quote that Pippa Moore had quoted on her blog... and I couldn't agree more.  I think I had forgotten this.

"Art is our memory of love. 
The most an artist can do through their work
is say, let me show you what I have seen, 
what I have loved, 
and perhaps
you will see it and love it too."
-Annie Bevan

Have a great day!


Luna said...


Molly said...

we can never anticipate the reaction of others to our work. we can hope they will like it, we can hope that they will appreciate it, but we can't ever know beforehand if they will fall in love with it. and what a magical thing it is when they do!
have a lovely day!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Simply beautiful :).
Stay inspired!

FiberArtisttoo said...

Oh doesn't it feel wonderful to know that a piece of you is going to someone elses home to be loved?

Gailanne said...

Oh Monika, what a jewel you are!
Yet another gift you share with us, your wonderful way of expressing what's in your heart, painting a picture in our mind, and letting us feel what you do.
Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart, I'm smiling knowing how good you must feel that others "get it", just like you!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I am so glad you posted a link to this... not sure I had seen it yet, but oh how moving! I'm on the edge of tears and totally understand that making people feel awesome through art is the best thing in the world. Love that you get to experience that over and over and over!! And what a beautiful quote. I jotted it down in my inspiration journal. Touched me!

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