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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Gingerbread Cookies

No, I'm not baking.  I'm quilting.  I'm working on the St. Nikolas quilt today.  So far so good.  I decided not use the paper pieced gnomes by Sonja Callaghan only because I was too chicken to try it.  So I stuck with the applique theme and made gingerbread-cookie-cutter kids!

I made ten of them, one for each child.  I'm putting them in a circle on the quilt with names embroidered on each.  But I cannot show you yet!  Here's all you get...

It's not sewn together in this photo.  It's just stuck to the design wall.  I've rearranged it a dozen times!  I think I know what I'm doing now.  : )  So I squared all the blocks up, which helped to centre some of them a bit better.  I use tape on my rulers as a guide now ALWAYS when doing repetitive cutting - ever since accidentally slicing fabric too small too many times. 

This is a very busy quilt, but it has a pretty christmas feel to it.  I think the kids will love it.  Arwen is a bit freaked out.  She said, "you mean you are SELLING THIS!!???".  She says that about everything I make.  Needless to say, she owns more quilts than anyone in this family!  lol

back to work...
see ya tomorrow!



Gailanne said...

I can tell already from the sneak peek, it's going to be AWESOME!

Question from a new quilter:can you explain alittle bit more about the tape on the ruler?

Thanks ahead of time, have fun!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh sure - see the green painter's tape on my ruler? It's the last photo in this post... It's set along the line that I need to line up with the edge of my fabric. If it's not there, then I often eventually line it up to the wrong measurement. I use tape so I can pull it off and stick it on again in a new spot next time I'm cutting the same size over and over. PS- this is a case where I'm not using the cutting mat grid to measure. I'm using the plexiglass ruler.

: )

Have got those fabrics yet? Snail mail...

Gailanne said...

Thanks for the tip Monika, I get it now!

No fabric yet, just makes it better when it does come...thanks so much, your a blessing!

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