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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Snapshops #15

I met some friends for coffee at the Mendel Gallery this morning.  It's been AGES since I've done that!  Unfortunately it's another grey day outside so I didn't snap photos of the snowy river out the front windows of the cafe.

i'm addicted to coffee... but also interesting mugs.  meet my blog cup!  ; )
I headed over to the big bookstore to get lost in it and mope around looking for pretty things to inspire me.  Do you ever do that?  I found some beautiful books on embroidery and fibre art.  sigh.  I sat and looked through them, fully prepared to buy them.  But I changed my mind.  It's just not me.  One was fairies and one was little cut out flower petals.  All I could think about was making another prairie landscape.

I headed over to the magazine section.  There are dozens upon dozens of quilting magazines... either traditional or simple-modern.  And they are starting to look all the same because I'm seeing them everywhere. I appreciate them but I am not inspired by them at the moment.

I flip through Belle Amoire.  Gosh - gorgeous and luscious and oh my!  Check this out!

cover of Belle Amoire, Dec 2010
Is it the mood I'm in ?  This is GORGEOUS and I would wear it.  ; )  That is art meets quilter meets dressmaker.  It definately sparked my attention.  My current subscriptions are expired now so I need to think about what to get for the next year.  I really like Belle Amoire.

last year's Quilting Arts magazine pile

There were several quilting magazines that spoke of "hot new thread sketching - all the rage".  I almost bought one, and then thought - nah. I already do that.  And my artist mother's voice rang in the back of my mind, "do your own thing.  Don't go to art school because then nothing will be original anymore".  Her artist uncle told her the same thing.  In some respects I suppose that's true.  I really want to express my heart with fibre and thread but it just can't come out fast enough. I suppose that's what sketch books are for.  ; )  As I'm looking through other artists' work, all I could think about was making another prairie landscape.

my own detail of prairie grasses

Here's something I hadn't come accross before.  I looked through it at the bookstore.  It's Canadian and covers a wide variety of crafts from quiting to crochet, cross stitch to fibre art, knitting and embroidery...

Maybe I'll go paperless with my Quilting Arts Magazine renewal.  I'm really looking forward to the day that the new issue of Quilters' Connection Magazine shows up in my mailbox!   In the mean time, all I can think about is making another prairie landscape.

dreaming away ~


Anonymous said...

I agree, do your own thing!! You can still be inspired by everything and anything :).
Stay inspired!

Molly said...

then make another prairie landscape, dear girl! listen to your heart and what you make will always be own!
take care! and listen carefully to the music of your own heart

Gailanne said...

I agree, all you have to do is listen to your heart...stay blessed!

Janice Reynolds said...

I had coffee at the Mendel on Saturday morning, with my friend Johanna. We stayed for three hours! and then toured the gallery. Maybe I can catch up with you the next time I'm in. The coffee there is SOOO good!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thanks - you women are so fabulous. Thank you for writing. ; ) You feel like family.

Janice - oh the Perehudoff BIG art was neat. There was one that was horizontal, pale greens and really wide. I wanted to take it home. Maybe because I was in a prairie mood : )

I would LOVE to visit. Please let me know when you are in the city! : )

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