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Friday, 26 November 2010

Quilting Again

I spent last night shoveling.  My kids were sledding in our back yard until ten pm!  We spent the morning sledding again.  There's so much snow and it's so mild out.  FUN!  I love days like these.  Now we are back at home and sipping hot chocolate.  I made a quick trip to Periwinkle Quilting to grab more of this awesome fabric.

And now I'm slicing up strips for the preschool quilt.  My plan was to make a picnic blanket with this.  But it goes so well with the blocks that the kids made.  This is how I quilt:  I chop up things and figure out what I'm doing later.  It's terrible.  Most times it works.  lol  We'll see.  I have ideas but no real vision for this quilt. 

One thing I did do was order the EQ software (Electric Quilt).  !!!  I'm actually buying an older version because I am extremely frugal.  ; )  I've seen demonstrations and think it looks really great.  If I love it, I'll upgrade when the next version comes out.  I've heard the newest version (EQ7) actually will spit out fabric requirements for you if you create a quilt in its program!  Is that true?  I'd love to hear from anyone who uses EQ.  Thanks in advance!


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