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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday Snapshops #11

Happy Halloween!  (Or if you are from down south, Happy Hollaween : )  Need some spooky pics today?  OMG  Trapped faeries!

They live in my herb garden throughout the summer.  Poor things.  Now they have to wait in the windowsil until spring comes.  But wait! Do you want to see something REALLY scary!?

My goodness, what a mess.  And that's only about a quarter of it.  I have so much organizing to do. I did finish the binding on my owl boxes quilt this morning.  Looks good!  

I originally auditioned chocolate brown fabric which matched a lot of the owls.  It gave a nice earthy feel to it.  I went with a mixed scrap binding in brights instead.  It is a pretty fun quilt.  I thought I should keep it that way.  My favorite sections are the diagonal plaids.

I guess I'll put this on Etsy.  I would love to hear if anyone locally can suggest a good market to sell at.   I gift a few each Christmas to children's shelters.  (I love doing that).

By the way - do you try to photograph your quilts / art / postcards and they always look like they are through a fish-eye lens, all rounded?  Back up as for as you can and then zoom in.  That will keep your work looking perfectly square.  Neat hey?

pretty teeny leaves on the crisp snow
I'm off to check out how the neighbors are coming along with their Halloween decorating.  My kids love to watch the teenagers up the street while they spook-up the front yards : ).  Everyone have fun tonight!  We're handing out potato chips and toothbrushes : )

the spider in my sewing room window
ps- one day left to put your name in the runnings for the Angelina Fibres! ; )

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