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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Jack Frost & Mourning Joy

I love mornings.  Today I rolled out of bed waaaay too tired from blogging late into the night.  I opened the blinds and look!

I considered taking an early morning paper route for extra fabric-cash, but you know me.  I'd get distracted and take photos instead.  Maybe something in the gallery will sell soon.

The ice fog was gorgeous.  I could smell coffee brewing and sausages sizzling from the kitchen, but I couldn't leave the upstairs windows!  The morning air was so mesmerizing.  It's interesting that I have recently added all this muslin, greys, and soft yellows.  Those colors are all here in the photos.  And it's the first time I noticed that most of my neighbors have yellow chimneys.  Look how that color stands out in the fog!

This next one has the contrast tweaked a bit.  It's all so droopy isn't it!?  It's the neighbor's tree.   They are moving today.  The big truck is parked out front.  We'll miss them. 

It's truly magical to watch one season transition into the next.  People get all down when summer ends, but winter brings many joys.  Endings always make way for new, don't they?  Maybe I'll drive out to the country today and get some good icy prairie photos. 

And then I went to check my email with morning coffee in hand.  And can you believe it!?  One of my higher priced fibre art pieces have sold!  I priced it higher, assuming no one would touch it.  I secretly wanted to keep it.   I'm not done loving it.  Now it's gone.  I cried!  I was in shock and tears were streaming down my face.  I hardly had time to be with it and enjoy it.  I really loved that piece.  

Has that ever happened to you?

I told myself to smarten up.  I mean really.  I made it to sell to make money to buy more supplies to make more stuff to sell... and on and on.  So with joyful tears in my eyes, I wrote a note of gratitude to the couple purchasing it, and then clicked 'send'.  It means so much to me that they admire the piece too.  : )  It's all so good.

beginning and ending and beginning again


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Congratulations on the sale Monika. So looking forward to seeing more :). Isn't creativity awesome?!
Stay inspired!

Lee said...

Congrats on the sale! I'm not surprised somebody loved it as much as you do!

Michelle Flowers said...

hugs. I can only imagine when you arent really ready to let it go. Think of the room in your heart it now creates to make something else. And, really, who could blame them for buying it - it is such an amazing piece.

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