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Friday, 29 October 2010

Mama Got Out of the House Today!

The greatest thing happened this morning.  All my plans/appointments fell through!  So I sat in the van with the heat running, wondering what to do after dropping my youngest off to preschool.  Quilt shop?  HECK YEAH!  I checked my cash situation and there was the funds from the flea market.  EVEN BETTER - it's the last Friday of the month and our local quilt shop shop has 40% off when you buy the bolt.  Too good to be true isn't it?  But wait - it gets better...  there was a notice of public space available for quilting get togethers!  

Pinch me.  Did I die and go to quilters' heaven?  Must have.  Here's what I bought there:  some fat quarters on a bolt of muslin.

I'm so excited to get modern fabrics in my favorite colors!! Here's some more arrangements.  These are Canadian fat quarters - so it's several inches bigger (1/4 meter instead of a 1/4 yard).

I know exactly what I'm going to do with them too!  And I can hardly wait.  I got more browns and antique yellows to go with the pretty gardening fabric I bought at guild night.  I'm even going to try incorporating grey into a quilt. 

And even splurged and bought a template.  Imagine that.  They are so inexpensive, but I always think, "I can make these myself".  Truth is, I never get around to it.  Too busy blogging.  haha

The only thing I regretted was not bringing a camera with me.  Periwinkle Quilting is so darn pretty inside!!  (Love the opened back space!)  

Now for more planning and dreaming while I wash up all this fabric.  In the mean time, CALL ME or email me or leave a post below if you are interested in a quilting bee / mom's night out / teaching & sharing evenings.  Apparently the new space has Friday nights available in the Saskatoon / Broadway area for a $5 drop in fee.  : ) 



Flo said...

I love to see someone else get so excited about all the pretty colors! I have some beautiful fabric from the quilting store in Fernie, that I can't bear to cut into!!!
I would be interested in a sharing/teaching night, ( can I still do a mom's night out when my baby is 22??) but Friday nights might be tough for me to commit to on a regular basis. Will keep watching for more details :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I might be interested. But like Erron, I would knit or crochet. Did I tell you that Jenn Peak is starting to quilt? You should see all the little squares and triangles and exacto knives all around her house. You should give her a call!


My Sweet Prairie said...

I started quilting because of her! She's done it for a long time. : ) I'll ask her... : )

I spoke to the woman who owns the place, and she said space limit of 8. Fridays will be open drop in night "Quilt 'till you Wilt" (impossible, I know...) from 7 pm on. Open to the public already. They aren't done renos yet. I'll keep in tough! ; )

: )


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