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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm Back and Teaching : )

After a fast and fun 24 hrs in Edmonton with the in-laws, I'm back in Saskatoon and full of turkey.  I got home long after dark and this morning packed up my sewing machine et al and headed downtown to Sew & Home to run my first Fabric Postcard workshop!  It was very fun.  It was very messy.

The theme I gave them was "something that is round".  That seemed to work for everyone!  Here's Brenda with her Halloween card all finished.  Nice hey!?

I walked around with my camera asking if I could post photos.  Here is Rhonda's - very striking!  

I invited the participants to swap.  Not everyone wanted to give up their gems of course.  : )  Here are the ones being swapped - Linda's, Linda S's, and Flo's.  All so different!  I love it.  Aren't they gorgeous!?

The last one above was "something with stripes".  We tried to do 2 postcard each.  Here was Flo's first with "something that is round" which she's keeping.  It's so lovely - I really like the ribbon border on it.

I was surprised at all the purples and orange color!  I did a couple little demonstrations of techniques like couching.  I use an open toe F foot, or a rolled hem foot for smaller yarns or floss.  Linda S. had a great suggestion to feed the yarns with a beading foot. 

Here's three I took home to mix up and mail out - cute!  :)

I brought my own POSTCARD stamp for everyone to use on the back.  That was a hit. ; )  
Thanks everyone - we all had a good time.  Boy, they sure were busy sewing and creating!  Everyone was very focused on their projects and happy with the outcomes. 

And when I got home, look what I discovered in my mailbox!!   : )

Sweet - I'm part of a Halloween swap with an online yahoogroup.  This is the first one I received.  I still have to make my 3.

That's so great!  Thank you Carolyn!  : )  It's so nice to get REAL mail, you know???

If anyone is interested, the next class will be Wednesday November 10th from 6-9pm at Sew & Home.  You can call them to sign up.  306-373-2332.  They are charging $39.  I supply handouts, embellishments such as beads/ribbon/lace/yarn, fabric scraps, and the stiff interfacing middle layers.

~Monika K.
Sewing in Saskatoon


Flo said...

thanks so much for such a fun and inspiring class. And what a great way to use up all those little scraps of material that I just cant throw away.
Good job, we had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Monika! With your artistic spirit guiding them, I know they all had a great time creating with you :)!
Stay inspired!

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