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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Back into the Swing of Things... barely.

My giant postcard making mess is all cleaned up now in my sewing room.  Things are all set up to quilt that Courthouse quilt.  It's so nice to have a big empty table top!  I need to hang that last big quilt at the gallery on Sunday.  It's absolutley gorgeous, but do you think I can get my machine to work!?  

Penny Penny Penny.  What on earth?  (Pretty Penny is my Horizon 7700P)

The tension is all wonky.  And (I'm sure some of you ladies are still giggling) look what Penny did yesterday!  I had the workshop participants gather round so I could show them the really cool FMQ grass stitch technique that I use in place of felting needles.  So They all gathered around.  I set it all up, and look!

OH COME ON!  lol  It ended up being a demo of what not to do.  The bottom thread wasn't catching at all.  Luckily, later at home I discovered it wasnt' Penny.  The culprit was a slightly bent needle.  Easy to fix.  I did also manage to fix the tension too.  YES I did fiddle with the bobbin case.  Whew - it worked.  So it's all ready to go, and I need an emotional break.  SO I'm blogging instead finishing that quilt.  

Check this out!  I realize you've seen this many times now, but I keep adding to it, and it keeps getting better.  Now I know it really is finished. Here is what I did to my "Telephone Poles" piece.  Instead of framing it, I chose to hang it.  So I made a background to mount it onto.  I then framed it with white bias tape, mitring the corners and embroidering it. 

Then with wider brown bias tape (from Irene's grandmother - thank you!!) I made loops to hang it from.  I pinned and sewed them on.

And then I took a branch and set it though the loops like a hanger.  I love it!  My son was not impressed.  Apparently this is HIS stick and I need to get my own.  Ooops.  ;  )  I love the curve in it.  I need to find one just like it.  Straight would be too boring and obvious, don't you think?

I love the way the curve in the stick works with the rolling hills in the picture.  

So there!  It's really really done now.  How long will I procrastinate about that quilt!?  ... hmmmm.

Nothing a good cup of tea cannot fix.  
Kettle is whistling...


Wendy Lou said...

What a cute framing idea! I love it :)

sarah said...

Monika, you are amazing. I do love the stick, and perhaps your son can feel proud that the stick is hung on the wall doing an important job. I am sure he can find a new one. :) You make me want to learn to quilt, I don't know how you find the time.


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