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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bills, Bills, Bills, SPIDER!

I'm still procrastinating on getting the quilting done.  There's SOOOO much quilting to do on it!  

You know, once you quilt one of the blocks, then you have to pretty much do all the other 29 blocks the same.  So instead of continuing, I made fifty meatballs, 6 litres of spaghetti sauce, baked some apple cinnamon muffins... lol.  

I got back to sewing and quilted for a half hour.  Then I decided I needed a break (already!).  So I did the dishes.  You must know that I detest doing dishes.  I think all that machine trouble really put me off.  After that, I went out to check the mail.  It's late at night and I still haven't gotten around to it.  What was there?



More bills.


I love it!  It's from Vicky in Alberta.  

THANK YOU!  That is just fabulous.  Seriously folks, if any of you like to sew, joining a Postcard (PC) swap group is SO fun.  It's such a joy to get these in the mail!  Check out Postcard Cottage on yahoo groups if you are interested.  ; )  You only have to make 3 cards at a time to mail out for the cost of one stamp.  And then you get three.  We can swap!

Off to tuck the littles into bed now.
Good night all!


Amy said...

I've seen these postcards blogged and posted about in various places and even seen the postcard stamp, but I was unsure if people actually mail them as a postcard without putting them in an envelop. Don't they get mangled in the journey? They are a great creative outlet and seem like a fun idea, but I'd hate to have them ruined in the mail.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Nope - no envelope required. Some people will put them in clear plastic sleeves. But I don't. Most don't. They get a bit of ink on th eback over the stamps. Mail one simple one to yourself and see what you think. ; )

My Sweet Prairie said...

I should add that as long as the middle layer is good and stiff, they don't bend at all. : )

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