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Thursday, 14 October 2010

My First Blog Giveaway!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Every blogger does it.  
It isn't very hard.
So now it's my turn.  
How about a post card?  

I might mail you something pretty 
in time for Halloween.
Just answer me this question
of what the moon means.

I'll do a random draw.
Please post your thoughts below:
'a memory of the moon'
  for everyone to know.

*   *   *   Monika  *    *    *
~ over the moon in Saskatoon ~


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Monika K. - MySweetPrairie said...

I'll go first. : )
You have until midnight on October 24th. I'll mail out the postcard (maybe even three!) on Monday morning in the hopes that you will receive it by Halloween.

My 'moon' story:

Well... when I was I girl, I believed that standing in that blue moon light would give me magical powers. Maybe it did. : ) And maybe I never stopped believing it.

your turn.


Wendy Lou said...

I don't know if this is so much a "means to me"... but Andrew always finds the moon. He is such an observant child, he manages to pick it out day or night and the rest of us and still trying to catch up to him. He is my Moon Baby :)

Lauren said...

Not so much a moon story, but in my family growing up, we referred to being naked as "a la lune" (instead of a la nude). Not sure which one of us kids started it, but it kind of became a family joke.

Anonymous said...

I've always believed strongly in the power of the moon, all you have to do is watch the cycles of our world to realize how strong Her pull is. And now, I get to share my love and passion for Her with my daughter - which (as you know Monika) is utterly and completely amazing. :) Lily-Ann is completely a child of the Earth and Moon, in her wonder is my own rebirth of spirit.

TD said...

love the poem. ;)

Tabitha said...

OK - i have to post, Monika, because I have been thinking of your beautiful creations so much lately and would be so thrilled to have a piece of your beauty with me.

I love the moon. We call her "La Bella Luna" and I love how the kids are always amazed at how she follows us wherever we go. "look mama - she came to grandma's too!" :) She's our companion and protectress.

thinking of you lots lately.

Flo said...

Well, I don't really have a moon story, but growing up on a farm, I remember helping my dad combining, working late into the night, and loving have that full harvest moon casting a warm glow.

Molly said...

tucked away in my 'someday i'll make that quilt' corner of my mind, a song from university days: 'the moon is like a boat, my love/of lemon peel afloat, my love. and with a sail of gauze, my love/she seems to slightly pause all on her silver way/all on her silver way'. can't you just see it? maybe the time has come....
cheers, molly

Michelle Flowers said...

I've always loved the moon as well. As a child, I would pull back the curtains at night and stare at the moon and leave the curtains hooked over my bedpost so I could sleep in her glow.

I saw a painting years ago in a local newspaper. It was a person standing in a little row boat on the water, under a full moon. They were leaning over the edge of the boat, picking up pieces of the moon's reflection and stacking it up beside them in the boat. Beauitul = and so magical. The thought of taking a little piece of the lady with you to share her magic. I did a sketch of that painting when I was travelling... I'll have to dig it out to show you.

Janice Reynolds said...

A few years ago I read Sharon Butala's "Luna". I remember that it talked about how women are intrinsically connected to the moon, because the moon has a cycle of 28 days, and so do women. Of course I knew those facts, but I had never really put them together. It totally freaked me out, that women were so connected to the natural world. I realized it couldn't just be coincidence, but an actual connection. I wanted to buy that book, but its out of print. This reminds me to tell this story to my daughters soon.

Lee said...
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Lee said...

I think the moonlight gave you magical powers, considering what you do with fabric. : )

The moon makes me think of one of my favorite books as a child, and now one of my daughters' favorites, Good Night Moon. Such a simple, sweet book, but every time I read it, it takes me back to my childhood.

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm planning one of my own very soon! I might even post it today!

Pink Gecco said...

I tried to teach Helen the 3 phases of the moon: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. But instead I called them Sister Moon, Mommy Moon, and Grandma Moon. Like Wendy Lou's little guy, Helen always spots the moon before anyone else does, especially if it's Sister Moon.

Last night we were driving from our house to Grandma's house. The moon was out and Helen kept an eye on it the whole way. Whenever she lost sight of her beloved Sister Moon she would start asking, "Where'd she go? Where'd she go?"


Anonymous said...

For me the moon made her first significant appearance when I was living in West Africa. She visited us one night, but her crescent form, instead of being vertical, was horizontal, a radiant grin in the dark african night. in that moment, there was a sense of connection with those at home, watching the same moon, in an entirely different manifestation.

Gladys said...

The moon always reminds me of my Mother who lived just east of SAskatoon. She would drive herself up to the top of a hill near her home and sit and watch the full moon come up,Now, I try to be at our cottage at Blackstrap every full moon in the summer and watch it come up over the lake Mom's been gone several years but I always think she is watching the full moon with me

Luna said...

Many of my favorite memories are lit by the moon. Playing hide and seek outside, unafraid of what might lurk in the shadows because the moon was giant flood light bright.. Kissing my husband long before he was my husband behind a hay bale that same night, hidden from others - but not the moon.. Kissing him again shoulder deep in lake water - sparkling with moonlight.. Proposing to him decades later on the wild shores of the pacific North West - the moon our only witness.. She lights the peaceful gardens of my dreams. Her phases are my own. She reminds me there are times for all things AND she's the ultimate when it comes to "mood lighting". ;)

Judy said...

I'm not sure why, but I enjoy watching the moon. I watch it grow to full and then fade to the next phase. When it is full, I often get up in the middle of the night just to see how bright everything is just because of the moon.

upstateLisa said...

My husband used to sit with our oldest child on the window sill, showing her the moon. One night outside, she pointed up to the sky and said, "moo" and then we knew she had seen it! Memories...

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