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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Country Courthouse Complete

It's done!  Oh my.  It's really done.  Look!

That is a whole lot of quilt.

And that was a whole lot of quilting!  I wend around each block SEVEN times;  tedious, but so worth it.  It really looks done now.  And it was easy turning this big quilt around and around under the needle with this big Janome Horizon.  WHEW.

Tomorrow I'll attach the hanging sleeve and label.  My plan is to put all the right hanging hardware on all my pieces and then that's it! My husband and I have an event to attend Saturday night.  So I'll have it all done by 5 pm, and then Sunday I go all alone to hang the show.  gulp.

wish me luck!
ah!  I'm so happy with this quilt!

...absolutely LOVING everyone's moon stories!!!  ; )
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