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Saturday, 16 October 2010

My nerves... MY NERVES!

I am so stressed.  It's good stress.  Lots is done, but tomorrow I have 1.5 hours to hang my show.  TOMORROW.  

I phoned me dear friend Michelle F. and broke down crying.  lol  Getting ready for an exhibit in 2 weeks with 3 kids has been a real trial.  My kids have been getting bored and they begin bickering.  Boredom, as my friend Lara says, is "failure of the imagination".  I couldn't agree more.  After while, my kids could be found silently on the kitchen floor, lying on their tummies in the sunshine, and busy drawing and drawing and drawing.  They have their uber-creative moments which I adore.  I get so much done when their imaginations kick in!  

Here's my blog pic all pretty and framed, beside the wine glass that is now empty.  ; )

I have a supper due with my husband tonight - awards night for the RC racing club.  (My husband Michael is the owner of Hobbyworld in Saskatoon.)  It will be nice to see him again!  lol  My 7 yr old is at a sleep over.  My oldest has a new Lord of the Rings DS game and is thoroughly entertained.  And my little girl is awaiting the arrival of my cousin, the babysitter.  : )  Here is what I did today.  

Mounted this...

Framed that...

Everything is off the walls and stacked, waiting, either on the fireplace mantle or on the piano.  My house looks a bit naked, but it's really amazing to see all the work I've done in one spot!  Gosh I need a good cry.  Oh, wait... I already did that.  : 0

So here are the latest gadgets appearing in my sewing room.  Recognize it?

I didn't.  lol  It's a staple gun.  RED too!  And I bought a bunch of picture hanging doo-dads from a liquidation store...

And my old rusty hammer...

I still have to attach that label & sleeve.  Other than that I think I'm ready.  Michelle F. will be there to hold my hand and keep my aura from collapsing (I'm so nervous).  I'll post the pics as soon as I get back!!  In the mean time, check out her blog - Artist extraordinaire and mama of 3.  : )   

who wants so much to look back at all this and laugh
: )


Wendy Lou said...

Everything looks FABULOUS Monika :) It'll be wonderful. You are doing wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a successful show! Congratulations Monika. I am so proud of you :).
Stay inspired!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Thank you Wendy and Michelle! I really appreciate your support! : )

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